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CREMEI wear makeup almost everyday: if I don’t have it on, start worrying because it means I’m either in a hissy fit snit or sick and trust me, neither state endears this Goddess Granny to anyone! I love the stuff and never cease to be amazed or fall victim to the latest greatest or not so and new to the market brands available: a generic “Sephora newsletter” basically translates as personal correspondence with my name on intended just for ME because I believe they might suspect (due to the amount of cash I leave at their counters per year…) that I take the art of makeup and beauty in a serious way?

Odd thing is that although I wear and enjoy cosmetics most days, I hate to fuss and like to get the task done once so I can be free to pursue other pastimes that don’t leave me obsessing over perceived flaws quite so much: sewing a seam or baking cupcakes can be a bit more relaxing therefore, I appreciate high-quality products that wear like the devil, come in flattering colors, and that do what they say they will as again, I am a sucker for them but at the same time I do hold my pretties to a high standard of quality and performance-a lot like my men!

I also LOVE “boutique brands” as much as I do the giants of industry and am a serious online shopper: you ask, “You buy MAKEUP online?” Yep…a lot of it and most of the time, it’s a satisfying process! It’s mostly a matter of location with me and if I CAN get into town to browse it’s great but most weeks I’m simply too busy for the luxury of it so I do a LOT of my browsing and shopping online with excellent results overall. I have also found that in terms of “customer service”, many physical storefronts can’t and don’t even try to compete with the usually excellent and genuine service so many online retailers offer. I scout, plot, question if need be, and order without regret in most cases. Many places even offer color matching…

So I am literally in awe over the concept of doing biz that the folks at Michael Todd Cosmetics obviously understand perfectly: their incredible and interactive website is “entertaining” and offers over 200 pages of virtual-products, photo “look” galleries that show how products are used to achieve the face of your dreams, and over 1,100 products in a dazzling array of colors and textures to choose from! THIS is a “virtual reality” I personally could get lost in and never want to leave! Michael Todd himself has been an actor, model, and makeup artist. He sought to present his line of incredibly high-quality and pure product-line in a most original and rather spectacular manner and truly showcases the pro- makeup artist mantra, “Perform…Reform…Transform” in conjunction with his company and internet superstore! There’s even a “Live Chat” feature onsite that encourages questions of potential customers because Michael believes that, “It’s not enough to have the best ingredients or formula but that you also much treat your guests like a Queen!” That sure works for me. Most “service” I’ve received at physical cosmetic-counters recently has been less than royal.

Cosmetics, skincare, fragrance, men’s products ,tools and brushes, removers, and limited editions…my Mac screen glows at the sight of it all and I have literally spent an afternoon on the site just enjoying what Michael has to offer: I think this is one of THE best online-presentations I’ve ever experienced and give kudos to Michael and his team for really doing the job RIGHT and right at your fingertips!

I’m wearing Michael’s “Long Lasting Creme Eyeshadow” in “Warm Honey” on a daily and nightly basis and can honestly say it’s a unique formula: creme-gel in nature, the sweet little pot of color can be applied with a finger but I use a short tight-bristled chisel brush…one sweep of the color shades and entire eye and I like to wing this product up at the outer edges of my eyes.A gentle blend and WOW! The beautiful bronzy-gold brown shade does an exceptional job of lighting up my eyes and I have yet to experience ANY creasing, smearing, or loss of color and as I’ve mentioned before-my makeup has to withstand the “dance class” test! I am not generally a fan of creme shadows because very few get it right and most end up a streaky color-degraded mess but this lusciously light pigment rich product can be shadow or base and the range of shades available has me swooning because I REALLY like this stuff, it’s easy, glamorous,and effortlessly  gorgeous! I don’t see my exact shade onsite currently but it’s very close to “Vacation Bronze” in the pic above. “Private Island”, “Michael Todd”, and “Forever Young” shall soon be mine as well,I love clicking on the color swatches and watching the eye makeup in the pic change…as Coco said “It’s all in the details!”

I can promise that you will  have a blast on this site and that this creme shadow is amazing and comparable to a substantially higher-priced one I used down to the bottom of the pot! It just so happens “Michael” is my favorite name (husband got lucky it’s his as well!) and Michael Todd Cosmetics is my new FAVORITE online and highly enjoyable to use source for a sparkling array of pro-grade products at reasonable prices so grab something sassy to sip and hunker down to enjoy Michael’s signature line of stellar stuff that makes you beautiful! I believe Michael Todd and his talented team who obviously realize the “future of retailing” will set the bar for online-shopping at a new high!

Do you also love shopping for beauty products online or do you simply need to get your hands on something to sample in person first?

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