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Meg here! I’m hijacking the greeness of this Tuesday for the effectiveness of Botox. I really needed my botox by the time I got to The Epione Center in Beverly Hillls and sat with my friend Dr. Simon Ourian. I have been traveling a ton and I just generally am always a little stressed out-by the end of my three months my face is haggard!

As you can see from this clip, it was the end of my three months. I have tomorrow’s clip where you can see nothing but pure delight as I get my botox injections. My Dr. Ourian is the largest provider of Botox in the country (maybe the world) he knows all the tricks he uses pediatric needles so I literally don’t feel a thing. If you’re a baby then you’re already catered to.It just makes me nutty when women say to me (and they do-all the time) “What creams work as well as botox?” None is the answer. Creams can be preventative and they can OVER TIME  to help diminish the appearance of lines but nothing is as quick or effective as botox. In 5 DAYS I LOSE 5 YEARS!

Cost? I’ve seen creams at Bergdorf’s for $1,000 and I still don’t get it. Basically it runs between a couple to a few hundred bucks a month. You just need it every 3 months. It works in 5 days and lasts 90. If it is a crazy expensive thought for you then just do it one week before a big “picture day” event. You know what I mean, wedding, high school or family reunion. Worth it.

Danger factor? There was one point in the clip where Dr. Ourian says “If it were dangerous half of Beverly Hills would be dead!” We are the whiniest people on the planet, don’t you think if it caused even minor discomfort that’s all you’d ever hear about?

What about you? What is your biggest fears about botox?

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