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Meg here, I’m back! There is really no place like home. So pleased to be back in my bubble! LaLa Land I love you! It took me 11 hours to get back yesterday so I’m sorry this is up a little late! Here’s Gigi’s first ever Drugstore Don’t!

Gigi’s back with a DD Don’t! Scarlett O’Hara was famous for two beauty “tricks:” Literally pinching her cheeks to bring a rush of color to her fair Southern Belle complexion and taking the ultimate advantage of her long, full eyelashes to garner power over men. With a bat of her eyes, men fell over themselves to serve her at a barbeque and easily succumbed to her other charms.

Unfortunately, luxurious, lengthy lashes are not one of my charms. I do have a scant amount, but they are auburn, easily overpowered by eyeshadow and liner. In junior high school, I learned the power of mascara to transform me from “cute” to “striking” if used correctly. For me, mascara is a beauty must-have for women unless you are unusually blessed with naturally lush, gorgeous lashes—it adds definition, enhances eye color, and makes the whites of your eyes more vivid. I do not “pump” the tube for color, as air can dry out the formula and render it hard to apply; simply twirl the wand in the tube for more color (free tip!). I followed professional suggestions to add bulk to mine: Between coats of color, I would dust them with face powder. Finally, cosmetic companies began to offer base coats to plump lashes before mascara. But we’re all busy—I often don’t have time to work with dual products. Perhaps I’m an idealist, but I’m continually on a quest for super-quick “miracle” products.

Maybelline’s “The Colossal Volum’ Express Mascara” is displayed on drugstore shelves everywhere (around $8.00). Maybelline, as you are well aware, has given us “Great Lash” (a staple for thousands of women). I especially like their “Full and Soft” mascara, as lashes are thickened and remain naturally supple. Colossal Volum’ promises that the patented MegaBrush and collagen will add nine times more volume to your lashes (sorry, but I’ve never understood how they derive such statistics—is there such a thing as an “eyelash-measuring tool?”). Something troubled me immediately–this product is available in “Classic Back” or “Glam Black.” What’s the difference? Black can be overwhelming for many.

My hand is steady, as I paint for a hobby with fine brushes. While applying, something smelled foul. I looked around me—was there a spoiled piece of fruit nearby or had our dog had an accident? No—it emanated from the mascara. I’ve never paid much attention to a mascara’s scent, but this can be politely described as “Ugh.” The Drugstore Deal reviewer bought another one just to make sure she was using a fresh product, but the gag response recurred.

Maybelline advises that you brush from root to tip without allowing one coat to dry before adding others. I struggled with the first coat! The MegaBrush is too large and unwieldy. No matter how much time I spent, it was difficult to capture all lashes and I wound up with the color far from my eyes. This “no-clumping” formula does—in a major way. I went to my sister’s home and my family asked why I was wearing “spiders.” Point taken. When dry, lashes are elongated and have bulk, but in a bizarre, stilted rather than flattering way. Packaging states that it can be taken off with eye makeup remover. Save yourself some cash—don’t buy it at all.

I hate to diss the company that has brought us “fine makeup, sensibly priced” (their old slogan), but I speak the truth. To paraphrase Rhett Butler, “Frankly, Maybelline, “I don’t give a darn . . .”

Am I missing something with “The Colossal Volum’ Express Mascara”?

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