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maybelline illegal lengths

Stacy B here! Everyone has a part of them that they like and probably a few they don’t. Well, I HOPE you all have something about you that you like, you should! We should all be proud of our unique features. Right now what I don’t like is entirely related to being unbelievably pregnant. I won’t go into it but let’s just say I have about 3 weeks left and this baby can’t come fast enough.


Luckily, the things I do appreciate, my blue eyes, haven’t changed much in the last 9 months, aside from some recent dark circles caused by frequent bathroom trips in the middle of the night…But I have a great concealer routine for those. So when I’m feeling particularly bloated, unattractive and like I’ll never wear pants with zippers again, I try to focus on my peepers by ‘dressing’ them up a little with new shadows, mascaras or liners. It’s like using different accessories to dress up the same black maternity v-neck I’ve been wearing for months. Scarves, necklaces, pins, I’ve tried them all. 


I have always thought that mascara was the Little Black Dress of the eyes. A good mascara wakes up your whole face, brightens your eyes and makes you look great without screaming “I’m wearing a ton of make up!”. It’s a great little weekend product when you want to look presentable but not like you tried way too hard on a Saturday morning, and it’s equally effective on a fully done, red carpet event, smokey eye. So versatile! 


Maybelline’s new spring products really have been lighting up my days and this week is no exception. I’ve been using Maybelline’s Illegal Length Fiber Extensions mascara. I reviewed a L’Oreal mascara a few weeks ago that was supposed to be a fiber extension mascara and wasn’t thrilled with it so I figured ‘fiber extensions’ was a new buzz word in the make up marketing world and I should not expect much. This was different, and I definitely noticed my lashes were longer and seemed thicker. Not clumpy thick, but spread out, lengthened and fatter.


There’s definitely something in there that hangs on to my lashes and extends them. I could see a visible difference from one eye with mascara and one without. 


Here’s my gripe.  Say it with me mascara manufacturers…”CURVED BRUSHES!!!” Please. I am tired of poking myself in the eye trying to get the tiny lashes on the edges and corners of my eyes. And I am very quickly becoming a plastic bristle snob. This is a straight wand with more hair-like bristles and that’s my only complaint. I think one or the other would be fine, curved and plastic would be perfect but I could live with just one. It takes me a little longer to carefully apply without poking myself in the eye and I have to go over with a few swipes to get everything and make sure the lashes don’t clump. The plastic bristles just seem to grab my lashes and separate them better. 


The mascara itself is worth the few extra seconds, but who doesn’t want make up perfection!? Other than my brush beef, the product is great. No falling down on my face throughout the day, it’s gentle enough to get off without hurting sensitive eye skin but doesn’t smear and comes in regular and waterproof, for under $10! 


I’m glad I found this little gem, anything to highlight one of the few features on my body that hasn’t changed, expanded, stretched, fallen, risen or morphed during this wonderful miracle known as pregnancy. (yes, that’s sarcasm….come on baby, get out!) How are you feeling about Maybelline’s new spring line?

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