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Stacy B here! I have 3 mascaras right now. All fairly new and usable and in rotation in my makeup drawer. I would probably have a few more if I didn’t force myself to get rid of the older ones as I keep getting new ones to review for you! I should attend a meeting or something, you know, “Hi, I’m Stacy and I’m a mascaraholic…”

 I’ve never thought of my self as a mascaraholic, I have far more shadows than mascaras. But the shadows are all different colors, the mascaras are not, so having 3 different ones is a bit hard to justify. However, they do end up serving different purposes, mostly because they have different wands that do different things to my lashes. And supposedly they are all different formulas that either volumize, lengthen or separate.

 The one that I’ve been using more frequently lately is Maybelline’s Volume Express The Falsies in black. This use to be my every day mascara until I switched to another Maybelline mascara, Illegal Length Fiber Extension mascara. I switched to that one becuase it lengthened and separated my lashes really well and gave me a clean, wide-eyed look. Nicely wide-eyed, like a fresh faced girl running through a field of daisies, not wide-eyed like I just saw how many calories are in my favorite Oreo Blizzard from Dairy Queen.

Post baby, there were many days were no mascara saw the light of my bathroom in the morning until I started to feel good enough to venture out of the house to run errands or take a walk. Then I realized that while the length and separation were great, I needed some more oomph to help me look more awake than I was. So, I went back to Volume Express. This has a much thicker brush that really plumped up my lashes. It was thick but went on smoothly without clumping or smudging. There was a noticible difference in lash volume, particularly at the base of my lash. I could skip eye liner if I wanted and still have some nice definition thanks to a heavy coat of this stuff.

 I opted for waterproof since I’m still a bit hormonal and a bad episode of Dr. Phil can set off the waterworks. Even though it was waterproof, it still washed off easily with regular soap or make up removing cloths (which are my new favorite thing, so much easier than a full face wash when my little guy is crying for food or a snuggle!) I recently went to a wedding and my hubby requested a ‘green smokey eye’. I’m not kidding, those were his exact words. I was impressed! He must pay attention when I talk to him about my weekly reviews!

This mascara was perfect for the smokey eye look, it accentuated my eye liner and defined and plumped my lashes enough to be seen in front of the smokey green shadows that I used. Mr. Stacy B was pleased! And so was I. Not only to look and feel pretty good only 5 weeks after having a baby, but for the fact that I can truly justify having multiple mascaras in my bag of tricks!

How many mascaras are in your rotation and what ones are your favorites?






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