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Meg here, I’m going to be covering todays Drugstore Deal. Our hearts and prayers go out to our resident DD writer Gigi who has suffered a death in her family. We hope you’re feeling better soon!

I’m going to try to send you a DD Gigi would approve of! Maybelline Great Lash Mascara, friend or foe? Women go insane for the iconic pink tube and green cap. Millions of them, in fact, Maybelline Great Lash is America’s #1 best selling mascara, I always see it as “Editor’s Pick.” I see it mentioned in all sorts of celebrity magazines as being in so-and-so’s cosmetic purse and top make-up artists “love it! Can’t live without it!”

I may get ripped apart for this but I think the Emperor’s Without Clothes!

It’s not bad, It’s around $4.50, it makes my lashes black, umm the tube is nostalgic and reminds me of Palm Beach prep and Lily Pulitzer and well, that’s about it. I never put it on and say “Wow! Maybe I’m not born with it, it is Maybelline! Good Golly no wonder this is #1! I just expect more then just making my lashes black. I want curl and plump and length and I’m willing to throw a few more bucks in the kitty to achieve it. I’m just wondering what all the fuss is about or if I have some sort of bum lashes?

I’ve always had better luck with the comparatively priced Max Factor 2000 Calorie Mascara or L’Oreal Voluminous Original Volume Building Mascara. They just work a lot better to me but they never get the accolades Great Lash does.

What Mascara is your favorite DD? Am I completly off the mark with Great Lash or is it just smoke and mirrors?

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