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givemegoldStacy B here! We all know drugstore purchases can be hit or miss. They are relatively inexpensive so sometimes a miss isn’t too big of a deal. Especially if you have a coupon, or there’s a package deal or something. You can try lots of new things for not a lot of money so I think your chances of finding something good is pretty high. As long as you don’t mind a few misses along the way. Last year you may have ready my ‘miss’ about Garnier’s Skin Renew Anti-Dark Circle Roller. I definitely don’t regret trying it, but am glad to know first hand that it’s not for me and I only wasted a few dollars. It was a small chunk of my wallet, so I wasn’t afraid (or budget-challenged) to head back to my local drugstore to try again. Happily, my optimism paid off!  This week, I have a HUGE hit for you. Hit with a capital H. Seriously. I am in love with this new eye shadow I found.
A few weeks ago, Meg did a post about getting Kim Kardashian’s beauty looks for less and she mentioned Maybelline’s Eye Studio in “Give Me Gold”. That sounded right up my alley: inexpensive, shimmery, multiple colors in one compact, and a trusted brand. I scooted my butt to the store and grabbed one…for less than $10! I was very excited and felt pretty confident I’d be suddenly transformed into something as striking as Ms. Kardashian. (OK, I didn’t ACTUALLY think that, but isn’t it nice to know sometimes you can copy looks that are so much more expensive in TV land for so much less?)
I like playing with eye makeup. I think my eyes are one of my better features and think adding some color to your morning is fun and energizing. I have a ton of different color shadows and constantly experiment with color combos and different brands. This shadow went on so smooth, was so easy to blend and the four colors they chose coordinated so well.  That’s right, I said FOUR colors for under $10! I have blue eyes so I like how the neutral colors like browns, golds and greens contrast the blue of my eyes.
There’s a pearly off-white shade you can use as a base over your whole eye, then there’s a true gold that I thought was fun int he corners of my eyes for a little holiday shimmer. Then there’s a bronze-y color that works really well with the palate, but wasn’t my best shade. I just have issues with anything pink or orange based and a bronze is just a bit too close to those colors for me. But the final color was perfect. A nice chocolate brown with gold shimmer. It was ideal for the crease of my eye lid and blended so well with the pearl and the gold. It was so easy to apply and even though they offer you 4 different colors, you don’t have to use them all together. You can apply lightly for a day time look, or use a heavy hand for a striking night time effect. I tried just the pearly off-white color on it’s own one weekend day. We were doing some Christmas shopping and I didn’t want a full eye make up (let’s be honest, the mall workers just don’t care how we look as long as we pull out the credit cards!) but I also didn’t want to look like I just rolled out of bed and schlepped to the mall. It woke up my eyes with a little shimmer but wasn’t too ‘out there’ for a Saturday afternoon.
My only gripe about this is that the amount of color is not that much. The four pods of shadow are pretty small. I know I’m going to use this until I’m scraping out every last fleck of shadow so I wish it was a little bigger. I give this about 3 months tops. Maybelline has a bunch of other color combos that I’d really like to try, too, especially as the seasons change. They had some really nice spring-y pastel colors, great fall purples and a smokey combo great for anytime.
Great stuff Maybelline, I love it! What is your most favorite Maybelline item?

Found at drugstores everywhere!

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