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Stacy B here! It’s snowing!! Finally! I never thought I’d be waiting anxiously for snow living in Boston. Usually by this time of year even I am ready for no snow and warm temps but this year it’s snowed about 3 times and that’s just not enough for me. We could get up to 7-10 inches tonight. I can’t wait to waddle my way outside and go sledding with my son. He’s been dying for snow for weeks.

The weather doesn’t have anything to do with make up or skin care, no seamless transition from life to make up for me this time. My literary skills are being taken over by baby brain and this weather. I’m just so happy for the white stuff.  And for our plow guy so I don’t have to worry about shoveling 7 weeks before my due date…Kiss

Rumor has it around here that Meg’s sending out make up point packages!! So exciting, I know. You never know what you’ll find and it’s always good stuff. I hear that Maybelline may be a prominent item this time around, I hope I didn’t give anything away! That’s great though, I just got a bunch of new stuff from Maybelline and I’m pretty happy so far. For the next few weeks I’m going to review a bunch of Maybelline products just in time for spring.

First up, an interesting little pot of eye shadow called Eye Studio Color Tattoo 24 hour Cream Gel Shadow in Audacious Asphalt. That’s quite a mouthful.
I was both excited and nervous to try this. Having the name ‘tattoo’ in the title made me think it was really going to last. But, cream AND gel shadow? I’ve never been good at evenly applying any sort of cream or gel eye shadow so that caused some anxiety. And I was nervous about creasing or having it cake up by the end of the day.

So, like all good make up reviewers, I tried it in a few different ways. First, on my hand for color and smoothness, then on my eyes, applying with a finger, and then applying with a little sponge applicator.

Results are pretty good, and exactly what I expected. It lasted forever. 24-hours is not a total stretch. I put some on my hand the night i got it. I didn’t purposely wash it off, or avoid washing it off, I just went about my nightly routine. I woke up the next morning, and went about my morning shower routine (again, not trying to wash it off, but not avoiding it either). It was STILL on my hand after over 12 hours a full shower and a nightly routine of washing my hands, face and son in the tub! Not entirely, but there was a decent amount of it there. In case you are wondering, nothing on my sheets, pillow or pajamas either. And yes, I use soap in the shower! Kiss

This stuff LASTS. I used it on my eyes and it was almost exactly in the same state by the time I got home from work. The pigment is very true, what you see is what you get, and it didn’t clump, streak or crease. Here’s my problem…I can’t apply cream shadow, it’s never even! I don’t know why but I just can’t do it. The sponge applicator helped my control, but I still felt like it took way too long to get it even on both eyes.

This wouldn’t be a quick application product for me, busy days would have me using my old powder style shadows but when I have a little extra time, or a fancy place to go and want my eyes to stay glam all night, this is my first choice. It won’t budge if you don’t want it too and it’s definitely a bold product. It required a bit of extra attention to get off, but wasn’t irritating. Some of the other colors on the website are bright and fun and probably will look great in the spring and summer when colors are born again.

Overall, I really liked this and if you are better at applying cream shadow than I am, you’ll probably love it!

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