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caffeinerushStacy B here! New Year’s Eve has come and gone, another pressure filled holiday that can be everything it’s hyped up to be, or a total disaster. I’ve been pretty lucky in my life to have more fun First Night’s than disappointments, both low-key and big bash. There was the year we hosted a last minute make-your-own pizza night with chocolate fondue for a few friends, the one where we crashed my parent’s home-cooked dinner-for-two because a snow storm kept us out of the city and the one where 150 of my closest friends rented out a ballroom, got a friend to DJ and bought as much champagne and beer that $40 a couple could buy. All very different, but all good memories.
This year, my husband and I did a quiet dinner for two at a favorite restaurant and barely made it to midnight…in our sweatpants. Party animals, I know. But being pregnant can limit your plans a little. Normally I love a good party, but I can’t fathom going anywhere that can get crowded because I have severe anxiety that a drunk person might unintentionally slam into my belly. It’s like a weird pregnancy claustrophobia or something. I also still get pretty tired easily and nothing fancy, fashionable or fun really fits. Hubby always says I look great, but he’s supposed to say that. Plus, the obvious: I can’t drink. A few sips of champagne is allowed but that’s just not that fun.
Regardless of my pregnant pity party, I still got fancied up as much as I could (until dinner was over and the sweaties made their way out of my closet). I found a fairly nice drape-y maternity shirt and I accessorized the crap out of it. Makeup was perfect, hair behaved and nails were shiney, glittery and chip-free. Shoes and jewels were fab too, I’m not so far along that my feet are swelling yet and heels still work for a short amount of time.
This year’s secret weapon was a new shadow compact from Maybelline: Eye Studio Color Explosion Luminous Eye Shadow in Caffeine Rush. It’s so cute and promising. Five shades that run from totally neutral to shimmery party and a bunch in between. The options are huge here. There are two shimmery off white shades, one more glittery than the next. A perfect taupe that somehow blends miraculously into my yellow-based skin tone, a darker brown to highlight my creases that compliments my blue eyes well, and a great peach-y gold highlighing shade. I love that I can skip the shimmer and wear the two taupes for work and without even having to totally re-do my eyes, add a shimmery highlight for nightime in a shade that complements the others perfectly.
I can go nuts and watch the online tutorial and use all five shades (which I needed to do, five is a lot to blend properly!) or I can stick with three shades and play it safe with a bit of fun sparkle. Maybelline is always well-priced and while their products aren’t always my absolute favorite, I do really like them a lot. It’s a brand that I’ll always consider even if I don’t always chose it.
The shadow is decently pigmented, what you see is what you get but I did have to swipe a bit more of the lighter shades than the darker ones to get it to show up. My every day combination made it through a work day with only a little fading. Some of the really glittery color creeped down my face a little toward the end of a night out but it wasn’t too bad. We’ll just call that a little cheekbone highlighter.
My biggest gripe is that the color pots are oddly shaped and kind of small. My medium eye shadow brush that I normally use for deepening my creases was too big and I caught some of the other colors at the same time. I’m all for blending, but only when I’m trying to do it. I had to use a smaller brush and then blend with a larger one after to even the color. I would have nothing bad to say about this if the five shades were equal in size and fit an average eye shadow brush.
For the combination’s you get at the drugstore price of under $9, this is totally worth it. Whether you tore it up in Times Square, hanging out of a limo with a champagne bottle in your hot little hand, or drank 3 sips of champagne from your wedding flutes in your living room with your husband, this little compact will make you sparkle any time of the year.

How did you ring in 2012? What looks were you sporting?

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