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Although this line is not at your local drugstore it is priced very, very inexpensively at Meet Mark

I’ve always been a big purse girl. Not suitcase sized big, but sizable. The origin for my big bag penchant started when I did my 8 year stint in NYC. Anyone who’s ever lived in manhattan or the burroughs knows that once you leave the house for the day, you better be prepared for whatever is to come because generally you go from the gym to work to drinks to your booty calls house followed up the next morning by the walk of shame. Then repeat. So you basically have to carry everything with you in some sort if receptical. Most people opt for back packs. I call them “The Turtles” (not the 60’s music group,but the amphibious type). There is the other bunch of us who would rather die then carry a backpack, hence the necessity of a big bag! I needed mine to be able to fit: cell phone, makeup bag, date book, high heels, a headshot, and wallet. So you can get the idea of the size of bag I’m talking about.

Even though I live outside the city now and have the luxury of piling all that stuff in my car, I never let go of the big bags. But just recently I was taking a vaca in South Beach and for the first time in YEARS found myself exasperated with my big bag!! I mean seriously, what do you need while shopping & lunching down Lincoln Road? Credit card, ID, cell phone, and lip gloss! Suddenly I was desperate to trade in the big bag for a smaller one and ran out and bought an adorable tiny doctors bag from L.A.M.B. And I kid you not, I felt liberated!!!

I’m ten pounds lighter when I go out at night! Which brings ne to my awesome DD for the week. This is my first experience with Mark, Avon’s makeup line, and its a PERFECT addition to this small bag era in my life! I know how much we all love double duty makeup products and this one is a nightlife diva’s dream come true! One side of this sleek wand is the most sparkly, shiny clear gloss called “Pearl Luxe”. With this stuff on my lips, my pout could be spotted from accross a crowded
club! The other side is a liquid eyeliner in “neffriti” the most beautiful shade of charcoal with an subtle irridrcent shimmer. The brush is super fine for easy application.

This is the perfect item to throw in your little purse for a night onthe town. A touch up of gloss & some sexy kitten eyes! Ill quote the writing on the packaging “glow baby glow!”

This kit is completely wonderful! Everything snaps together! Eyes one end, lips on the other. Or maybe you want to do eyes and eyes? Color on one end and snap the mascara end right on! You get tons of different combos for an easy-to-find and space saving look! 5 products that are insanely great for $20! That calls for one little clutch!

Any other ladies discovered the beauty of MARK?

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