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brow“Summertime…and the livin’ is easy!” In the words of the immortal Janis Joplin, it CAN be but for many of us, it’s also the “least pretty” time of the year because you HAVE to be outside, near water, deal with heat and humidity and yes, even put on a swimsuit and brave the depths once in a while!
A girl’s self-esteem and routine really can change when the season does,right?

Goddess Granny
is MUCH more a creature of dark rooms and indirect lighting who prefers the shadows of Autumn to the bright sunshine of Summer but alas, I married a “sunshine-y” kind of guy and currently live in the parched and HOT South of Texas so I’m obliged to make an attempt once in a while but believe me, I do NOT look my best when the 100 degree temps start rolling in! My hair blows up and does a weird sort of wave without style thing, my skin protests both the sun AND the heat and my makeup? I am not a girl who can simply slide out the door with nothing but a smile on her face and have finally found products and a system that works so I can still enjoy my life without looking like Shiny the Clown in sorry smeared makeup when I go out and about!

We all have that “one thing we HATE about ourselves, right? I know, I know…we’re supposed to accept and love unconditionally but we still have that tendency to focus on it because well…it BUGS us! In my case, it’s my thin, sparse, wayward, shapeless eyebrows. You with those luscious ones have my spite in a nice way but seriously, it seems that this topic is one that MANY of us are dealing with for a variety of reasons: a bad wax or pro-job, medications that cause thinning-hair, age related changes, over plucking…you name it, I see it as a rather constant issue in the world of beauty that SO many fight with on a daily basis! We will refrain chatting about those who have fallen prey to “permanent” methods of correction because I have seen some that are VERY well done but alas, many are not and it’s another topic altogether.

I have for months tried the many methods and products that are designed to encourage re-growth with some good results but unfortunately, it’s not “fast” enough for my needs: what was never “good” about my brows (and I do believe it’s the luck of the draw in the gene-pool…) has become a fright due to my “age”, hormone-levels, tendency towards grey-ness, and just the fact that nature isn’t always kind or fair to women when it comes to change! I am slowly trying to cultivate my “brow garden” but it’s a daily and frustrating obsession I wish I could control but at least now I have found a product that will get me through the warm months looking great!

The Makeup Forever line of products as a whole are some of THE best ever in my opinion they are designed to work mostly in the hands of the pros but have lucky for us been introduced on a retail-level so that most of us can experience what REALLY works when it comes to corrective and creative makeup on our own! Created in Paris in 1984 by Dany Sanz this line and the experts who are lucky enough to train in the French workshops continue to cultivate this cult-classic brand based on innovation and color! I recently switched my foundation and blush to their “High Definition” line with amazing results and am hooked on this line overall but want to share what is a GENIUS product they make with you today, their “Waterproof Eyebrow Corrector!” There is not another product that I have found that works SO well to correct, alter, design, and create beautiful eyebrows that LAST and look natural like this one does!

Pencils smear, powder is hard to control and finding a shade that looks great without getting all ashy is HARD with any product I have tried: believe me,I have worked at this for a long time and yes, if you have great brows to start with, it’s pretty easy just to shape them up and fill in but if you are truly in the “brow challenged” category like I am,this product will change the way you do your face forever! It’s a waterproof cream in a small tube that comes in four truly versatile shades: I am using the #2 shade which is a medium warm brown with slightly reddish undertones. It will fill in, define, re-create, or amplify your brows beautifully and best of all, it LASTS and will NOT fade, change color, or just turn wonky on you after it’s applied! It is waterproof and sweatproof and seriously worth a bit of effort as you do need to practice to apply correctly.

You will need a stiff-angled brow brush and a TINY I mean MINUTE amount of product on your hand…you can also use a thin-pointed liner brush if you really need to fill in a large area as well.The product can be applied to fill in and shape and I’d suggest you read-up a bit on the “3-points of brow design”, there are many good tutorials out there before you start so that while you continue to try and cultivate perfectly-shaped natural brows,you can fake them like a pro and believe me, ALL the pros use THIS product when designing those gorgeous faces out there because it works!

I will tell you that this extra effort and time invested will result in not having to ever give those troubling brows a second though even if you dive into the pool headfirst! This stuff is amazing and yes, is a “pro-product” but if like me you crave brow-beauty and understand that the correct brow shape can sculpt your face like nothing else, you’ll want to learn how to work with it if your brows give you grief! It stays flawless in all conditions without looking harsh or painted on and you can combine colors if need be…I cannot say enough about it and I only wish that I had found it sooner,would have saved me a LOT of money and frustration.

I know it’s not a product that everyone will need but again,I know for a fact that many of us are miserable with our current brows so this was simply too great of a “find” on my part not to share with y’all! I can’t imagine ever being without it and a tube lasts for months as again, you only need the smallest amount on your brush to make magic. It can be found at some Sephora stores that carry the Makeup Forever Pro line and online although it sells out often, you can buy it here and I do suggest their eyebrow brush as well :

This has been a  long-whispered about product that SO many of the great pro-makeup artists use all the time and I’ve discovered that it’s worth the time to find, learn to use, and even invest in products that those “in the know” rely on rather than to simply buy what’s easy and more readily available! I’m leaning towards more “pro products” in my makeup bag and am thrilled that Makeup Forever continue to share their fabulous product with the rest of us as well because this little tube of product is amazing!

Have you ever used a “pro product” designed for those who work in business of beauty and do you also love perfecting your own fabulous-face techniques on a higher level via time and practice?

Buy It Here!

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