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Stacy B here! I should probably save my posts about waterproof mascara for a few weeks down the road when I’m either crying tears of joy over not being pregnant anymore (I mean over having a beautiful baby!! That’s what I really meant!) or I’m tearing up every 5 minutes due to post-partum hormones and lack of sleep.
But, my due date is never coming. Never. I’ve been pregnant for my whole life and I’ll never be not pregnant again. Really I have about 9-10 weeks left I’m just whining. But it does feel like forever. Even when I remind myself that I’ve made it through 30 weeks and 10 is practically nothing, I just keep thinking how far away mid-April sounds and how I’m only getting bigger and more uncomfortable. I’m a really bad pregnant woman. I am not full of joy and happiness and glowing like my only purpose in life was to build another human. I’m annoyed and impatient and tired and just want my body back.  40 weeks is ridiculous.
Make up is a good distraction for me since my face is one of the few things on my body that isn’t changing. I have gotten a lot of new stuff lately, and am really looking forward to more spring colors. I’ve been using a L’Oreal mascara for a while and it’s not bad. It’s their Voluminous False Fiber Lashes  in black. The one I have is not waterproof, but they have a waterproof one that’s similar. Good thing I don’t need it just yet.
The first thing that struck me about this is that it’s the biggest mascara tube I’ve ever seen. It’s longer and fatter than any tube I’ve had in a long time. Which is good, more product, but I get creeped out by old mascara so I like to get new tubes every new months so I’m not sure I need all that extra product. But there is definitely a lot in there!
The brush was a disappointment to me. The bristles were not very long and it took awhile for me to grab all my lashes. Especially those tiny ones near the corners of my eyes. I get mascara on my skin just about every time I use this. Thank god for my Revlon Eye Makeup Remover Pen. I don’t know if I’ve reviewed that yet, but it’s a lifesaver. Check it out if you use a lot of eye make up and hate having to start over if you mess up.
I really like wands that have the plastic bristles that are longer and thinner and less like a brush. Bonus if they are curved and match the curve of my eye lid. I need them to really pull and separate my thin and short lashes. I found that with this being more brush-like, I had to do several coats to get all the little lashes and on top of getting mascara on my eye lids and it’s not curved either. I poked myself in the eye a few times. ouch.
Once I got a few coats on and really concentrated to get all the little lashes to stand at attention, the mascara was pretty good. I didn’t notice a visible volume increase, but the lashes were well splayed out and seemed a bit longer than normal. I didn’t have any flakes throughout the day on my face so it stayed put, but a gentle soaping got it all off at night.
This was an average purchase for me. I will probably stay with my Maybelline Great Lash for now, with the plastic bristles, but I don’t regret trying this. I generally like L’Oreal products so I wouldn’t call this a disappointment, it’s just not a first choice. I think a bit of a brush remodel might make this a winner.
Oh and a little footnote before you all think I’m a horrible mother. I love love love my son and cannot wait to meet this new little bundle of joy, whether it’s a boy or a girl. Being a mom is wonderful, I am so happy that I get to do it and am very blessed to have a body that’s healthy enough to grow and give life. But good lord I HATE being pregnant. It sucks. Get me to April!

Have any of you tried this L’Oreal Voluminous False Fiber Lashes or are you fans of their original Voluminous formula?

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