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Every Thursday Rachael Robbins brings you the best of her DD’s. Except for when it is Friday because Meg is on vacation and was on a plane on Thursday! Enjoy!

Compliments Galore! Makes a girl all warm and fuzzy inside!

Yesterday was a great compliments day for me! I spent the afternoon with Madam X to celebrate her birthday. It was Madam X’s choice of activities and her favorite thing to do is get Tasty De-lite and then have a shop/stroll thru the luxurious end of Bleeker Street. If you live in NYC or if you’ve ever been a tourist here, you know the section of Bleeker that I’m talking about: Lulu Guiness, Ralph Lauren, Coach, Marc Jacobs, James Pearse, Cynthia Rowly, Juicy and the list goes on and on! We mostly stroll and do as much shopping as our actress budgets will allow in such a high end area. And as you can imagine, I don’t go shopping in sweats and pony tail, make-up free. Oh no, the horrors!! But this situation calls for dressing chic without looking like I’m trying to hard. I decided to forsake my normal jean look and go for shorts (and the 90 degree weather helped me make that choice!). I kid you not, every other store we walked into, the shop keepers gushed over my shorts! “OMG I LOVE your shorts” “Where did you get them” “Are they from the new Ralph Lauren store” and on and on! And to this I replied, they’re Libertine………from Target!!! HA!! DD’s Rachael strikes again! But in the fashion department this time. So satisfying.

OK, but I digress from what we’re supposed to be talking about here and that is make-up! Well as chance would have it, I left my make-up bag in my car, which is in the shop. So not only do I have a different colored loaner car, I was also forced to change up the color of my make-up too! Not having the ‘A Make-up Kit’ around I was forced to resort to the ‘B Kit’. And that meant experimentation time. I use Cat Cosmetics Smolder Stick on my eyes every day. If I want to bump up the look for night I add some Girlactic shadow on top of it. But yesterday I turned to something that my friend Nicole Randleman from bought for me, and the results, well resulted in compliments!

So my DD tip this week is for L’Oreal Paris HIP High Intensity Pigments Color Rich Cream Crayon in ‘authentic’. A beautiful twist up, blendable eye shadow stick, very similar to Cat’s Smolder stick, in a deep forest green. It proved to be very complimentary to my dark brown eyes. It was so easy to blend into a smoky eye look and it stayed on thru a drive to Queens, coffee with my hottie friend General Ford (who is NOT gay, but the first thing he did was compliment my make-up), Tasty D and shopping with Madame X, dinner with Nicole AND a chance helicopter ride around Manhattan! Just a normal day in the life of Rachael Robbins 😉

Anyway, these yummy sticks of pigment, come in a bunch or colors and even have a little built in sharpener on the end!

Any other L’Oreal Lovers out there?

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