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This week I’m in one of my fav places on earth: LOS ANGELES!! I love it here for so many reasons: My friends and family, Pinkberry, the weather, the fashion, Dr. Simon Orion! Even my favorite restaurants are here, which is bad because all I want to do is eat, but this is the one place on earth that you have to look GREAT every time you step out of the house! So I try to stick to sushi, which is not a great absorber of alcohol, but skinny and wasted looks better then fat and sober. Anyway in keeping with my favs, this trip I’m staying at my fav hotel, The Hollywood Roosevelt. This hip hot spot is littered with hotties of every shape an color! So it wasn’t unusual that I ran into one of my girlfriends from my Playboy days. She was just leaving a shoot that was taking place in one of the rooms and her make-up looked flawless! As I stood there talking to her I was fixated on her eye make-up. What was it that gave her that piercing, yet sultry Playboy smokey eye? And even after I left her I kept going over it in my head. I mean, I thought I was queen of the smokey eye, but clearly I was missing something!

Then, over a Bloody Mary by the pool it dawned on me! I ran up to my room and grabbed my Stilla Smudge Pot and added some rich, smudgey black from the outer corner of my top lashes, about a third of the way across, towards my inner eye, over my brown shadow and WALLAH! My eyes just popped!! It gave me exactly what I was after: Playboy eyes!!

OK, now I was really excited! Sometimes I feel like Lewis and Clarke of the make-up world! I had to figure out how to bring this tip to my DD readers, but Stilla is far from a deal! So I set off to Longs (which used to be Rexall, an awesome drug store, and according to a Rock Star friend of mine, also one of the biggest pick-up joints in Los Angeles) and set out on the hunt. The heavens opened up and a light shined down right onto the L’Oreal section and there it was, my answer! L’Oreal HIP Color Truth Cream Eyeliner! This product is GREAT! It is as rich and as creamy as my Still Smudge Pot. It was easy to apply. And EVEN comes with its own slanted brush for application! It really stayed on all day too. And now I feel like a mo-ron for spending all the cash-o-la on Stila. If black is not for you, in comes in an array of peacock inspired colors.

Any other ladies HIP to Color Truth Cream Eyeliner?

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