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lorac3dshimmeringHoping everyone is enjoying a bit of well-deserved time off from the daily routine! Goddess Granny likes a good long weekend even better than an actual vacation because you try to cram a LOT of things into a short period of time and I really do believe in the “I’ll sleep when I’m dead!” philosophy! SO much to do and learn, and see and try…I am getting SUCH a kick out of watching my totally non-tech man learn to navigate the new ipad I gave him for his recent birthday:he’s like a child with a new box of 64 crayons and there are actually sound effects like,“Gee, WOW, Damn…will you look at THAT!” involvedKiss) I think we sometimes become jaded to the wonders of today and it’s refreshing when someone discovers a brilliant new product for the first time. It also inspires me to try something new so on the subject of brilliant new products, I have one in my sparkly coral Shellac-tipped fingers that is VERY new and VERY exciting!

What IS it in me that is drawn to anything with a sheen, sparkle or shine? My hometown of Auburn, NY is famous for attracting millions of roosting crows every Autumn. Maybe I was one of these scavengers of glittery-items in a former life? Not sure but I know for a fact that no matter how somber, matte, sophisticated or “mature.” I try to be, there is always something that has a bit of the bling on my body! It makes me happy and I can honestly say that even a thin (UD makes THE best ones!) of colored glitter liner on my lids or a megawatt sparkling topcoat on my toes never fails to makes people notice, smile and compliment me so I’m stickin’ with it!

There are of course, “degrees” of luminosity: you can apply adhesive to your eyelids and press on SERIOUSLY sequined particles (Two Faced or Hard Candy make great products for this effect) or just allow a gentle dusting of finely-milled powder to rest like a butterfly kiss on your cheekbones! (MAC “Silver Dusk” powder you are mine for life!Kiss) The brilliant and incredibly chic creators of Red Carpet worthy products at LORAC guided by the makeup artist divine, Carol Shaw (and yes,we DO absolutely adore this brand at Megsmakeup!) I have yet again come up with an irresistible and totally NEW product that may just have me gently shoving everything else on my vanity into a pile of sparkling sludge! A little glass bottle that is downright sexy contains their new LORAC “3D Liquid Lustre” Tinkerbelle has had her nose pressed up against my window for a week just dying for a drop of THIS little potion! (Actually a red cardinal has been beating itself against the window but let me have my fantasy!)

We’ve raved about the effects of the LORAC “3D Lipgloss” here at length and again,I was single handedly responsible for a sellout (almost a flash-mob!) at Ulta on a Saturday. I unofficially demo’d the gloss for the store manager who “had no idea” how innovative this gloss WAS! The shade “3D” is perfect for a redhead but I coordinated and literally sold it to so many pretty girls that afternoon. I was as exhausted as the stock with 20 minutes! The technology behind all of the LORAC 3D products is literally un-rivaled: their process and advanced technology allows for an application that creates shine, dimension and an otherworldly”prismatic” effect that nothing else can compete with! My precious vial of “3D Liquid Lustre” is being treated with almost ritualistic respect as I feel I’m applying something quite special. You shake the vial and a sleek eyedropper allows  you to dispense a drop of the liquid, yes, liquid product onto your fingertip or other applicator. A note here: my ONLY complaint about the packaging is that the opening of the glass vial itself is quite large so be careful not to spill any! I do use my finger tip but have also dispensed a drop onto a separate palette for application with a brush…you can then gently tap it onto your eyelids alone or over shadow, on your cheekbones, above your lip line or any where else you want what is literally a drop of liquid light to highlight!

It’s really that easy and the results are spectacular: you get a “glow” that somehow manages to be neither too harsh, too sparkly or too much of anything but beautiful! This is what Fairy Godmother’s keep on hand for special occasions and again, I haven’t ever experienced a product that gives one quite the same ethereal effect! It has a “sparkle” but not “glittery” presence and lasts for hours!

I wear it to Zumba and sweat like a clown but it manages to stay angel-fresh and again, people notice and LOVE the special shine it gives all on it’s own! You can/ should get creative and mix it with any other product you love and it’s really incredible just lightly touched on as a topcoat over ANY great shadow-look you already use…You will be amazed at the transformation! ( check out Kelly Rowland’s gorgeous eye makeup in the “Motivation” video…it’s like THAT!!! 🙂

LORAC has a total winner with this “3D Liquid Lustre” product because those of us who are attracted to the “light” will LOVE what this little bottle of liquid-loviness can do! I will repeat: open with caution and be careful not too use too much or spill but I think that like me,you’ll feel like Cleopatra applying a precious elixir of love. Take the time to enjoy the gilding the lily to the max with this truly special and suprisingly affordable product!This does NOT give you a harsh,overly glittering, glaringly fake effect…it’s a gentle touch of pretty that I’d allow even a young girl to enjoy!

Buy it here
and as always, take time to enjoy all that the fabulous LORAC site has to offer, it’s on my once a week “guilty pleasures” list and be sure to sign up for the LORAC VIP to receive amazing discounts and offers!

I’ve never enjoyed opening a new product with such anticipation before and LORAC exceeded my expectations with this product!

Do you also get a rush when you discover something that is new and has the potential to delight and transform you or your surroundings?

Buy it here!

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