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The fantastic and fabulous Kim from Lola Cosmetics sent Megsmakeup out a whole lotta make-up! They were super generous to us and the first product we’re going to start reviewing is their mascara.

Lola should be generous to me, in fact, if I were Victoria Jackson I’d send me whatever tickled my fancy. I think I gave Victoria Jackson her seed money to start Lola.

Well, not me. I actually never gave Victoria Jackson anything. I’m talking about my mother. The woman was obsessed with beauty products, she had drawers and drawers full of stuff that I would borrow from time to time. I’m really fortunate their was no internet shopping back then because I probably would have ended up homeless.

My mother started to get sick. A huge part of her illness was an extreme case of agoraphobia. Lucky for her, Victoria Jackson was about to introduce America to the make-up infommercial.

My mother was hypnotized watching Victoria Jackson. The infommercial featured celebrities saying how Victoria changed their appearance, their confidence, they looked years younger. My mother grabbed a credit card and the phone. That was the beginning of the madness.

Victoria Jackson sets came in categories in browns, peaches and pinks. Most normal people would pick a color set and stick with that. If you suffer from compulsion, OCD and agoraphobia EVERY ITEM is a “must have”.

Everyday I would come home from school, I’d walk up the steps and pick up the new brown box shipped from Victoria Jackson. I mean it. This went on FOREVER. Pretty soon all the other brands in those drawers were gone. They were all replaced with black compacts logo’ed with big VS’s scrawled across the top.

So that was my introduction to Victoria’s ENTIRE line. The products were high quality and I “borrowed” quite a few of them. This was the 80’s though so I was excited to see she started a new, younger and hipper line with Lola.

I was so excited to get this line sent to us! Here’s what Lola says about their ULTIMATE MASCARA…” A super volumizing, lengthening, and thickening mascara. Lola’s protein-rich, build-able formula fattens lashes to clump-free, smudge-free, and flake-free perfection. Available in the blackest of blacks for truly sultry bedroom eyes “.

Ladies please post if Victoria Jackson has made you run to your phone to order a lifetime supply of Lola!!

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