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Goddess Granny here! Can you feel it? That lil’ nip of Autumn in the air and along with it the rustling of leaves and maybe even a glimpse of something not quite definable in the corner of your eye?Cue spooky music…not that nasty bone-slasher stuff but just something that gives you a slight chill !

I LOVE all that is Halloween and for the first time in quite a while,I’m actually donning a costume and going to a real party to celebrate this night of possibilities.

Okay so have you also noticed that most of the costumes geared towards adult women are designed to make you look like an extra in a low-budget porn-flick??? OMG….seriously…if you’re not 20 and built like a brick-chithouse,your options are reduced to wearing something that will guarentee you NO treats on the big night or you can simply cover yourself in bodypaint and drink heavily hoping no one will notice,LOL!

After browsing online for entirely too long,I did manage to craft together a darling “kitty cat” costume with a hot lil’ pink leopard print hoodie that has ears and a tail attached and short patent skirt with a sparkly bra peeking out a bit.I will however be wearing fully opaque tights and thigh high 6″ heeled black patent boots( I poledance so these are in my closet as a matter of fact…) to cover any nasty bits and overall I will be insured that my attendance at this party will not include my showing up on “YouTube” in the am due to a wardrobe malfunction!

My biggest fear at age 54 is that my 11 yr. old grandaughter will discover the ONE time I muck up bigtime on “YouTube” for all the world to see…
To insure that my costume will have the proper flirty-kitty effect,I also bought an outrageous pair of thick,black,fluttery false-lashes:after all,aren’t the eyes really where it ALL begins and ends?

Again, I bring you back to the fabulous line by Liz Earle: I received several of her amazing products to review and literally have worn these items out! I have previously mentioned that this company simply rocks in terms of quality,service,and true markey identity.I find them to be refreshing in a world of hype and nonsense and can see why the boutiques that carry the line are thrilled to have them on hand.

Their elegant cream-colored tube with pump-top of “Smoothing Line Serum” has captured my heart this time and again,I’m here to say that this is an amazing find: silky and non-scented,this serum designed for the eye area but can be used wherever you feel the need and it glides on effortlessly.While it’s suggested for nightime use,I have also applied it during the day when I’m hanging around.

It can be a tad sticky at first but the feeling subsides after a few minutes leaving an obviously firmed eye area and a glossy smooth finish behind!
I also pat whatever is left on the little creases about my lipline for a nice result as well…

I think the effects of this product are visable immediately and honestly I hate to sound like a raving loon, but these products are just GREAT and seem to achieve what you wish most others would without a whole lot of effort!

Echinacea and grapeseed extract are the botanicals of note and both are known for their antibacterical and skin-building properties.Their commitment to using sustainable ingredients that are fairly traded and decent wages paid to women’s co-op’s worldwide only make me love them more as well! I
have also read that this product is considered to act like a “natural Botox” because it contains hyrolonic acid as well ( which attracts moisure to the skin-surface) and honestly,having tried the un-natural Botox as well,I think this is a nicer effect overall.

I’m stuck on this lil’tube of goodness and even after a month of heavy travel and limited sleep,my eye-area is looking fresh and soon to be ferociously- feline thanks to this potion!


I am in awe of Liz Earle…Will you also be a creature of the night frolicing under the moon on Halloween?And…do you think that the eyes really ARE the mirror of the soul?


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