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linemeupMissRo here and I’m back from my incredible trip to Sao Paulo, Brazil. What a city!!! I think it’s one thing to go to Rio De Janeiro, but it’s another thing to go to the heart of Brazil, no the heart of South America and experience all that this city has to offer. Oh, and you’ve never tasted better food in your life! Whether it’s a top restaurant or a “fast” food place, everything is so delicious and fresh!

OK, back to beauty… One of my favorite products in beauty is eyeliner. Whether it’s liquid or a pencil, it really helps to define the eyes. I’m partial to liquid, especially Lancome’s liquid eyeliner. It’s an all-in-one tube with the liquid liner inside with a thin, easy-to-use applicator. All you do is shake it and apply the liner and you have perfectly lined eyes. So, it was time to try Dr. Dima’s Line Me Up, Line Me Down Astro-Orbital Accent.

Again with the name! Before you even try the product, you’re intrigued with it just from the name. Now, her liner comes in a package similar to an eyeshadow, so you need to get yourself a thin brush, specifically for liner. Not a problem, because all the best brands have a line of brushes and you can find what your looking for. I like Stila’s Double-Sided Brush #15 for $32. You have the liner brush on one side and an eyeshadow brush on the other.

What’s great about this liner is that you can wear it both wet and dry! So, you can create a simple, more natural look that’s similar to an eye pencil or a more dramatic look similar to liquid liner. This is fantastic, because it’s two different liners in one product. I tried it wet and was wearing it all day in the hot, tropical weather of Brazil and it did not move!

It comes in five colors – AstroRain, AstroCoal, AstroSea, AstroJade, and AstroMoon. So, you can wear your tried and true everyday colors of brown or black, or be more adventurous and try it in blue, green, or eggplant. Their delicately miiled and micro-fine to reflect light and add vibrancy to your eyes. Their free of talc, fragrance and other skin irritants, so it’s excellent for use on sensitive goddess eyes! You can wear it alone with a little mascara or really doll-up your eyes and create a cat-eye look, either way your eyes will look fabulous!

Do you wear eyeliner? Are you a pencil girl or a liquid girl? What is your favorite brand?

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