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Every Saturday kate2004rock brings you the best of Sephora as only an insider can! Today we are combining her thoughts on Laura Gellar with our reviews of Miss Gellar’s products. The lovely Stacey was generous enough to send us at a variety to try-so here are her thoughts! Read on for ours!

Funny thing that Rachael mentioned Sushi in her DD Thursday this week. Sushi always reminds me of closed-mindedness. WHAT? You say? You’re silly! Well it does. Listen to my story. My mother grew up in the midwest on a farm (where the states are landlocked) and ate pork, beef, some chicken, but there was a lot of beef and pork on your table. My dad is from the east coast where…there’s more variety. My mother hates fish and seafood except for tuna salad which… IS poultry anyhow. So we never anything that once swam or lived in the water at our house growing up. I always sort of liked shrimp if it was around. And people would always try to get me to eat sushi, but I thought that I didn’t like fish because we never ate it. I just didn’t know any better. I didn’t know that I LOVE sushi (I’m eating it tonight actually!). I love shellfish – crab, lobster, crawfish, scallops, shrimp too!. I like salmon, and LOVE smoked salmon and I am really learning! I LOVE IT! (Plus fish is SO good for you – ask Dr. Perricone!)

Well, I never really thought much of Laura Gellar’s line either. We have it on an item fixture in my Sephora store …only about 7 or 8 different products. And I sort of lose about 60% possible respect for brands that sell themselves on QVC (ok, I’m a snob). Plus, Laura Gellar’s packaging etc just isn’t as flashy as, say, Dior or as outrageous as, say, the names that Urban Decay gives its products. I overlooked poor Laura Gellar. And SHAME ON ME! When I received the Laura Gellar Bronze-&-Brighten from Meg. I was like “Heck yeah! A new bronzer!” (I had broken my Tarte Park Ave. Princess and a Cargo bronzer both in one week…I was fresh out!) Oh – and I loved it! It’s so fabulous how you can get some color in your face (my ivory/olive skin tone is just washed out without a tan – and I do NOT do tanning beds.) But you don’t get that “dirty” look that one wrong swoop of a kabuki brush can do to you with any old regular bronzer. I approve! You look bronze AND bright – so its a highlight and bronze all in one!

Here is Laura Gellar’s philosophy: “A busy New York beauty maven, mom, and makeup artist, Laura Geller is dedicated to creating professional products that are easy to understand, effortless to apply, and exceptionally long lasting. And with her two best-loved creations named Spackle and Caulk, there’s no doubting that her ingenious inventions live up to her wondrous objectives. Geller’s no-nonsense approach to beauty is what brings clients flocking to her New York City studio and has women everywhere praising her name.”

Ladies – which product did YOU receive and were you singing Handel’s Hallelujah chorus or what?


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