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lashemmascaraMeg here! Babylove is out with a terrible tummy bug! Babies are cute but they’ll kill you. Take lots of Vitamin C BL. Today I want to discuss options. No, not stock options! If you were looking for my girl crush Susie Ormand then you’re on the wrong blog. Although, I think Miss Money would approve of this next item. I have to state that I am totally loving this and begged the company for a few more tubes of this Lashem Double Trouble Mascara. Even our resident reviewers have not gotten this because I didn’t want to wait and have you miss the 20% off deal for February they have going on over there. The good news is I have Double Trouble on the way and although the concept is brilliant, it is simple, it gives OPTIONS.

Greater then the “tastes great” “less filling” debate from history, the real argument seems to be “lengthen” or “volumize” our lashes. What caught my eye about Lashem Double Trouble was this gem “Want a volumizing mascara without sacrificing length? With Lashem Double Trouble mascara you don’t have to choose! This sleek, dual sided tube has both options that are especially brilliant when worn together!”

Hold the phone. Could this sleek, silver tube of wonder do that? I mean, if that’s the case then we have a whole new problem. After a lot of our mascara reviews we ask questions like “Ladies, which would you rather have? Volume or Length? What the heck are we going to ask now if this mascara provides both?”

Lashem’s Double Trouble even has fibers inside that click to your lashes so they appear “thicker”. It has these flexible cotton fibers and it stays so well to your lashes. I did not have one clump. I did not smear! I did not cry! (I wear contact lenses so you know, out of irritation I’ve been known to turn on the waterworks.) Turns out that this stuff is water-resistant so guess what? Home free again.

I really love the way you have both options and I’ve been playing around with mine and here’s the recipe that I think produces the best results for me.
Apply fiber LENGTHENING mascara BEFORE you add VOLUMIZING. That’s just my suggestion, but whatever works for you, because, you know…Options.

I’m intrigued by this company and I am dying to get my hands on their 3 in 1 Eye Bright, I’m pretty determined so look for it soon. I got a few tubes to give to some of my girlfriends so they could report immediately what they found since I don’t want you to miss out on the sale. The sale price brings this mascara down to practically a drugstore one. Lashem also is doing a bunch of give-aways and coupon codes on their facebook page so go get your “like” on. The deal is only for February and last time I checked February was the shortest month so no time to waste.

I’m meeting a longtime girlfriend for dinner tonight and will be bringing her a tube of Lashem Double Trouble Mascara. I’m wondering if they’re going to go as GaGa (as in, the lady herself) as I am for it.

I went to the dinner and I met Martin Genis from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. He is charming and fabulous and I am stoked for our next meeting!

He commented on my eyes, we have a date set for next week! Lashem may have reeled him in?! That’s all I had on!

What do you ladies think?

Do me a favor and follow Martin on twitter so we make sure he behaves!

Meg and Martin? Amazing Lashem Mascara? Should I or Not? HELLO CHIME ME PLEASE!!

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