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Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a safe and relaxing holiday. Sometimes there are perks to having your name in the URL. Every once in a while I’ll get a nice surprise gift sent to me from a company that was happy with the response their product got after being featured on Megsmakeup. ModelCo sent us out some Fluidsplash 3 in 1 Foundation and everyone went crazy for it! ModelCo sent me a nice “Thank-you” note and their cult item “Lash Wand”.

I grew up hearing about how Greenie’s mom Cindy was using a lasher curler, got startled and ripped every eyelash out of her lid. I’m trying to remember if she told us the story or if we were the actual ones that startled her. Sorry if it were us Cindy. That sounds painful and was probably a pain to try to make look normal.

That story did not scar me for life or anything. I was always careful to not rip my eyelids out of my head but I did give myself the occassional burn. I used to do the eyelash curler/hairdryer trick. The one where you heat up the curler before you apply? Yes, be careful with that tidbit.

When you think about it, eyelash curlers are so archaic looking anyhow. We’re in the 21st century. Why are we using a med-evil, miniature looking torture device on our lashes?

Lash Wand is fabulous! It is sleek and powerful. It heats up with a double AA battery. You can’t burn yourself with it! You can’t rip your eyelids out with it! You can get amazingly curled, vampy lashes that make your mascara work better then it ever has! Sometimes it’s unweildy to use the old fashioned curlers. They can miss lashes and if you don’t do the “squeeze” technique just right you can end up with dented and still straight lashes. Not with this magic wand!

I know everyone’s wallets have taken a major beating lately so I am loathe to go on and keep raving..But..If I was allowed to add an 11th item to my top ten picks this lash wand would be on it.

Here’s what ModelCo has to say about their amazing lash wand! “Better still, they’re a cinch to use! Simply turn Lash Wand on and curl your eyelashes, applying as if it were mascara. Lash Wand won’t overheat even on the highest temperature setting and its battery powered so you can use it anywhere, anytime, to ensure you always look eye-catching!

To use: Apply a coat of your favorite mascara, turn on Lash Wand and gently fold your lashes back. Hold in place for 15 seconds, then remove to reveal the ultimate eyelash curl. Lash Wand won’t overheat even on the highest temperature setting and its battery powered, so you can use it anywhere and anytime – to ensure your look is always eye-catching! ModelCo Tip: For a supernatural look, apply Lash Gloss and allow to dry, then use the Lash Wand”.

Little gossip, Kylie Minogue went so ga-ga for the lash wand she had her management call ModelCo and thank them for making it! She just Can’t Get It Out of Her Head!

Ladies, anyone else out there used Lash Wand or tried any other more modern versions of the dated eyelash curler?

Lash Wand-Buy it Here!


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