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pictureperfectWe’re had a lot of chats the past couple of weeks regarding eye creams and how very hard it can be to find “something” that’s effective yet gentle and contains luxurious ingredients that work but doesn’t cost a month’s salary to buy!

Goddess Granny here just back from watching a gaggle of five-year old boys “play” baseball. After a couple of hours in the South Texas Spring-heat and sun, I feel about as drained and dried up one as can be…does it count for the entire season if you attend the first ballgame?Kiss

My eyes are literally crinkling at the outer corners from squinting to spot a small grandson in the mix of kids all dressed alike and I am in need of some serious intervention in the area of delicate skin around the eyes care!

I truly believe that an eye cream was the last holdout I had on my list of “can’t survive without them” beauty products. I don’t have dry skin as a rule and never really even noticed the crinkles and fine cracks (like those in the most delicate porcelain) until a couple of years ago. I am a passionate wearer of sunglasses and am seldom in the light without them so I do believe this has helped my cause over time. Once that fragile skin started to deteriorate, it became REALLY obvious, terribly fast! I scrambled to find something that would smooth, soothe, replenish and even repair. I needed a cream to prevent more lines and cracks from forming. I stood in shock more than once in Sephora at the vast array of products designed to treat the eye area along with a dropped-jaw at some of the price tags!

It’s been hit and miss for a while, fortunately I do receive a product from Meg to review from time to time but not all eye creams are equal as WELL many of us know from the sounds of the posts lately…

The Lash Em company has been on a mission to correct, enhance and amplify the lashes and to beautify the eyes in a major way: their products are precisely formulated to be hypoallergenic, highly-effective and nature-based. I love their “Picture Perfect” Anti-Wrinkle Eye Cream for several reasons:
The packaging is sleek and superior to many in that I personally don’t wan’t to have to double-dip a finger into an eye cream to apply for fear of cross-contamination to the remaining product! This beautifully designed tube features an airless pump that after priming, dispenses just the right amount with no fear of anything nasty getting in it. It LIFTS the skin around the eye area almost instantly and although this dramatic effect may be short term, everyday use of the product can make a huge difference in the hydration and brightness of the eye-skin!

I love how the silky cream fills in the tiny cracks and it creates a really nice base for eye makeup but be sure to let it dry before applying. Picture Perfect is meant to be used in the morning and I believe it is because it does give a lifting effect that can be noticed so I’d probably still use another eye cream at night (I love Suki’s for heavier hydration…)Best of all for many of us,it’s affordable and you get a decent amount of eye cream for the money!

I’d say that Lash Em’s Picture Perfect eye cream is a GREAT value if you’re looking for an eye-area product that REALLY makes a difference you can see right out of the pump.When I compare it to several others I’ve tried in recent months it’s my new favorite. It’s perfect under eye makeup and doesn’t  cause smears and smudges but smoothes the area in a visible way so I can guild my lily without fear of cracking! I’m pretty impressed with everything I’ve tried from the Lash Em brand and noticed that their mascara is backordered with good reason-it’s a WOW if you have less than fluttery lashes and when I use it, no need to glue on those demi-lashes!

Picture Perfect Anti-Wrinkle eye cream IS the answer to picture perfect eyes in a flash! Even if you’re on the “younger side”, I’d suggest this because it works wonders as soon as it’s dry and in place. You look SO rested and perky after applying! (I’m past perky but you get my drift…)

Buy it here
, the Lash Em site is clean, pretty and straightforward and provides a complete ingredients list for every product which is great if you’re sensitive!

Do you think eye cream should be among your first “product investments” or like me, have you been holding out because you associated it with “older?” Picture Perfect will make a MAJOR difference in the brightness of your eyes and surrounding skin even if you’re still celebrating Spring Break, no joke! Isn’t is great to have an eye cream that works and doesn’t have you scrounging pennies off the bottom of your purse to purchase?

Have you tried Lash Em Picture Perfect? What eye cream do you love?

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