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lacolorsmetallicStacy B here! Short and sweet this week. Well, short. Because if you don’t have anything nice to say, you shouldn’t say anything at all. Right? That rule doesn’t seem to apply anymore, especially on the internet. It’s sad really,  common courtesy and being sensitive to others’ feelings seem to be as dead as shoulder pads and pet rocks (oh please don’t tell me shoulder pads are back in!!!)  I am constantly disgusted by comments people leave on news sites, blogs and social networking sites. Not this one of course, you ladies are always fun, interesting and easy to get along with. But some other sites are just brutal! And it infuriates me that people feel so entitled to spew their disgusting insults to whoever had the misfortune of reading their comments. I’m all for our freedoms, but you can have a belief and share it without being negative, spoiled, racist, ignorant or just plain mean.
Wow, I must be having a bad week! Oh wait, my toddler had a stomach bug and I got into a car accident and was treated so badly by the first officer to respond that I filed a formal complaint and now he’s under investigation for abandoning a pregnant woman and her toddler on the side of the road on a busy street in 30 degree weather. Yup, it actually happened, he was a cop in one town and I was about 50 feet over the town line so he told me to my face that he wasn’t going to help me and to call the other town. And then he left. Seriously. Oh, and did I mention my husband was in Texas for the week for work so I had to call my daycare lady to come pick up my son so I could get my car towed? Ugh, get me to the weekend.
Now don’t worry, I gave this week’s product a fair shot before my week from hell started, it just happened to not work that well right as my life was turning upside down. Sorry LA Colors, but your 5-color Metallic Eye Shadow in Sioree just didn’t cut it for me. First, the colors are so much brighter online. This was a palate that should have had a light pink a purple, a light blue, a dark turquoise and a gray. It looks more like two pinks, two blues and a gray. There is very little different between the pink and the purple and the two blues.
Second, the colors were really light, the pigment was not strong at all. And, they disappeared from my face faster than that dirty cop at my accident. It’s a shame, too, the palate is small, light and easy to travel with. I would love to say how great this was but the colors left a lot to be desired.
Since I don’t want to be one of those nasty people that hurls insults from behind the internet cloak of anonymity, I will say something nice. For a cheap price, this would be an adorable favor for a baby shower of someone who didn’t know the gender of their baby. The pinks and blues are very cute and it wouldn’t break the bank. I think most stores would carry it for less than $6 or so.
Too bad this was disappointing, I’ve had decent luck with drugstore eye shadows lately but I guess you have to miss once in a while.
I hope you all are having a better week than I am! And, in case you were wondering, me, the baby and my son, Kyle are totally fine.Kiss

How do you cheer yourself up! What are your indulgent pick-me-ups?

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