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Nick Here! I actually just woke up from my Derma nap only a moment ago which inspired me to write.

This is a lie, he was woken up from his beauty sleep by by my shrill yell “Nick Stern! OMG get up! I’ve walked the dogs and done the dishes and you need to get me my Manly Monday!” By the way? What’s a Derma nap?

Meg, you don’t know what that is? That’s okay but don’t act surprised if you start hearing that term more often…it’s literally the new thing. Taking a nap has many benefits and it literally takes no effort. It helps your metabolism, eliminates stress by literally bathing your brain in the neurotransmitter serotonin, and most importantly regenerates skin cells for younger looking skin.

Wait? A nap regenerates your skin cells. Nick Stern, I thought you were just being lazy. All this time you were just doing research? I’m going to need to eat some humble pie. You have my full attention, go on…

I wish we lived in a world where a nap could cure everything: Too fat? Take a nap! Too stressed? Take a nap! Having bad sex? Take a nap! Have bad skin? Take a nap!

But wait, you’re losing me here. You just said if you have “bad skin” to take a nap. 

Meg, a nap, only takes you so far. You have to compliment a nap with a well balanced routine  to make it a true Derma nap. My favorite skin products are the ones that you put on right before a rejuvenating slumber.  My go to overnight product right now is the Kyoku Eye Fuel which combines two repairing formulas conveniently in separate pumps. The first is the Uplifting Eye Gel  which removes under eye puffiness and the Eye Radiance Cream which prevents dark circles and early-onset wrinkles. With cane sugar extract and anti-aging micro-particles working deeply to brighten and lift up the eye area, you can feel proactive without actually being active. This is literally what every man strives for so ladies while your man slumbers  just pat gently under his eye and turn that nap into a derma nap. Now for that six pack overnight gel. 

“So ladies, while your man slumbers just gently pat under his eye and turn that nap into a derma nap.” I think Nick Stern is still dreaming if he thinks on top of cooking his dinners and providing witty companionship, I’m going to start patting cream under eyes during his siestas. I also, would not recommend any women doing this. We have to draw a line somewhere. I AM intrigued in two different products with two different pumps in one bottle though. That’s pretty cool. It takes up less counter space, did you like one formula better than the other?

Meg, you want me to choose!? I love both formulas equally so I can’t possibly pick a favorite child. The eye radiance cream is great for removing my dark circles after nights of burning the candle at both ends. While the uplifting eye gel is my go to after a long night of drinking for an instantly awake, fresh look. 

Ladies, this really does work nicely for Nick Stern. He went to get a facial and has enjoyed telling me over and over again how “the facialist kept saying I have immaculate skin with clear to minimal blockage.” I mean, if I had a dollar for every time he has repeated that to me. I don’t like to compliment him too much on his appearance because he gets a big head and speaks about himself in the third person. However, his eye area is looking great so if any of you need a good rec for your guy. Check out Kyoku Eye Fuel.

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