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Every week Chichi brings you the latest and greatest eco-friendly beauty products on Green Chi Tuesday! Today, we can thank the ever lovely Nancy of Korres Natural products for sending us two all natural make-up items for the megsmakeup gang to test! You may remember my post when I discovered the Mint Tea Shower Gel during a visit to desertdoll and her well-stocked guest bathroom. Later, we were so happy to receive the Party Survival Kit for a crash course in the best that Korres has to offer in bath and body. Now, we’re checking out Korres Color – their line of soft and beautiful make-up for face, eyes and lips. Our lucky testers will be reviewing the Quince Lip Butter and the Deep Color Mascara in grey-green.

When I pulled out these two products for testing, the first thing that came to mind is that I am so happy spring is on its way! The days are getting longer, the temperature is rising and here in Los Angeles, the grass is getting green and the trees are in bloom. I know, my friends in some parts of the country have a few more weeks of cold in store for them, so let some fresh, spring make-up add a little joy to your day! As much as I love strong and dramatic make-up, especially for evenings, my favorite look is the “no make up” makeup style. I couldn’t wait to sweep the grey-green mascara over my lashes, dab a bit of the softly tinted Quince Lip Butter on my lips and sail out the door looking as fresh and glowing as a starlet on a CW show!

All right, so no one is going to mistake me for Alexis Bledel or Kerri Russell, but these two products sure help when you are looking for an easy and pretty daytime look. For you people that actually watch television shows about adults, Alexis and Kerri starred in the teen dramas “Gilmore Girls” and “Felicity.” If there is one thing I know about, it’s teen dramas and these two are the epitome of that fresh faced, hint of color, all-natural beauty that I pine for when watching my shows. I know, those shows are a bit dated, but the 25 year olds playing high school students on TV today, could use a lesson in the natural look – less is more, sweeties!

That couldn’t be any truer than with the Lip Butter in Quince – this subtly pink tinted balm melts on your lips and leaves a shiny, rosy hue behind. The balm is sweetly scented and tastes of berries and like all Korres products is full of all natural, fresh ingredients. This lip balm relies on shea butter and rice wax to nourish and moisturize lips and is free of mineral oils, silicone, propylene Glycol and ethanolamine. I adore the sheer color and long lasting consistency.

I was also very pleased with the Deep Color Mascara in grey-green. This mascara added such glossy definition to my lashes and eyes and the softer than black color seems less harsh during daytime. This mascara is ”rich in provitamin B5 and Rice bran “ to strengthen and condition lashes while still being free of synthetic fillers like mineral oil and propylene. As a contact lens wearer, I normally need to wear waterproof mascaras, but had no issues with Korres. It stayed in place and was relatively smudge-free and I had no problem with stinging or itchy eyes. The best part about this mascara is its consistency. No clumps at all! In fact, the consistency is so smooth, you can layer as much as you like without worrying about globs of product sticking in your lashes.

Truthfully, I need a few more products to complete my “no make-up face”, but the Lip Butter and Deep Color Mascara are two must-have, anchor products. I usually dab some cover-up over any blemishes and my under eye circles. If I’m feeling shiny, maybe a sweep of translucent powder. Add just a hint of bright blush to the apples of my checks and voila – a quick, polished daytime look! This 30 something lady may not pass for a student at Sunnydale high, but on a good day, possibly a coed at California University?

Ladies, let us know if Korres Deep Color Mascara and Quince Lip Butter perked up your spring face with all natural beauty. Or share your tips for creating a fresh “no make up” made up face!

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