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The vampy and sultry Shani from Kitten Vixen sent out Meg’s Make-up a bunch of gorgeous, different items to test! From their adorable “Eye Put A Spell On You Kit” all in different shades to their “Put Your Lips Together” Lipgloss there was something for everyone! I love discovering these new boutique lines!

As much as I love Sephora it seems to be more mainstream now then it was back in the day. I use to spend hours in there getting acquainted with lines and brands I had never heard of. It seems to me lately that they’ve started to get rid of some of the smaller guys and that’s too bad. Now if I want to find the new, untapped geniuses I have to search the neighborhood beauty supply stores.

Another great resource for finding under the radar brands is of course, going online. It’s difficult though when you don’t have the luxury of a tester sample in front of you. Thankfully that’s where we at Megsmakeup come in! While we would never turn down an item from Chanel, we really do try to go out of our way to see if there is a Holy Grail item that’s just not getting the exposure it deserves!

Carmen Electra, Lindsay Lohan and Nicole Ritchie are of few Hollywood Vixens that purr over their “Eye Put A Spell On You” kits. Maybe that’s exactly the type of tipping point that Kitten Vixen needs to get them stocked everywhere!

Kitten Vixen gave us 10 of their PUT YOUR LIPS TOGETHER IN RAVISHING RUBY LIP GLOSS to reward our members!! Want one? All you have to do is post why you are the ultimate Kitten or Vixen! How easy is that? You know that ladies really do win and we have TEN to give away so your chances are great! Here’s what the gloss is about…“This dewy formula is made with organic ingredients that leave lips soft and glossy and with a translucent ruby tone.Can be worn alone for a natural dewy look, or applied on top of Kitten Vixen’s lip colors for a more polished finish.”

So get to typing!

Ladies who tested, please let us know what item you were lucky to try and be descriptive with the color! Does this kitten purr? And to those trying to win-GOOD LUCK!

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