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Desertdoll is here to bring you yet another South Coast Plaza gem…

I love Kiehl’s, unabashed absolute love. I remember my discovery of the line like I remember the first time I met my husband! Chichi and I were at Saks Fifth Avenue in Beverly Hills in the mid 90’s, visiting with our favorite makeup artist (i.e. spending our rent money on cosmetics). After he sorted us out at his counter he asked “Have you girls ever tried Kiehl’s? No?! Oh my, c’mon!” He proceeded to introduce us to my number one “can’t live without” product, the Calendula toner. I can tend to sound like a broken record when it comes to it, cause I recommend it to anyone who will listen to my gushing. Let me just say this, it’s an oily girls best friend. And if your acne prone, you NEED this. It was the first product I tried from the line and I’ve continued to buy it for the last 12 years. It’s the only thing I’ve ever done for 12 years consecutively! But 12 years is nothing. Kiehl’s has been around since 1851, when they were an apothecary/pharmacy.

And theirs is a company that’s easy to love. A dedicated company, shown not only by their years in the business and their over 200+ phenononal products, but reaching to other areas as well. They have a commitment to the enviroment, working with communities to support renewable energy, using recyclable packaging and printing with soy inks whenever possible. They also make philanthropy a priority. Kiehl’s has lent support over the years to countless charitable organizations. They’ve had involvement with many AIDS-related charities, even developing products with proceeds going directly to AmfAR and The Magic Johnson AIDS foundation. Plus, individual stores do their own fair share of charity as well. In fact, the South Coast Plaza Kiehl’s recently participated in a Surfrider foundation event and raised money to help keep California oceans clean.

But I think what I like most about this company is the people who work for it. Their Customer Service reps really believe in Kiehl’s and their products. I have always gotten the sense from everyone I’ve dealt with, whether it’s in-store or on the phone, that it’s not just about the sale. They really strive to be honest and accomadating to each customer. If you’re not ready to buy, Kiehl’s has one of the best sample programs around. Samples of everything are available, 3 online, more in-store if you ask nicely!

I think this goes back to their days as a family owned Pharmacy. “Customer Representatives first priority is to serve and represent our customers. They undergo an intensive education program in which they learn the value of formula ingredients and their efficacy. With early traditions in dispensing advice and prescriptions to its customers, our staff today continues to “prescribe” a personal care regimen that is most appropriate for the individual’s skin and hair care needs.”

No exception to this was the South Coast Plaza Kiehl’s. The first stop on our tour, it was the biggest (and one of the most enthusiastic) group of reps we encountered. Elaine and Rae were the leaders of our presentation (Elanie is in a white coat, middle of the photo. Rae is far right) but the passion for the brand carried through to the whole crew. I recall at one point looking around the store, each of us with a different salesperson, drinking our delicious Yerba Maté tea, sampling various items from what I think is one of the finest brands on the market and I thought “wow, I am so happy right now!”

But if you want to see happy, check out Chi hugging our gift box above left! In addition to Coriander shower cleanser, (which smells so clean and refreshing) Vital sun protection spf 30, (summer, here comes megsmakeup!) and Kiehl’s lip balm #1, (one of the best lip balms around! Now available in 3 limited edition flavors: cranberry, pear and mint) we received items from their Abyssine + line. We each got either the cream or the lotion, plus the eye cream.

The Abyssine line has been around since 2003 (when it was named one of Oprah’s favorite things). Named for one of it’s key ingredients, a naturally derived survival molecule which thrives under the extreme conditions in hydrothermal ocean vents, Abyssine helps soothe and protect skin while minimizing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The only addition to the + line (but a very powerful one) is a Vegetal Coral extract, a member of the red algae family with the unique ability to form a self-defensive calcified shell from minerals found in sea water. These minerals act as “defenders” for your skin, much as they do in the ocean. The Crème is for normal to dry skin and has an spf 23 and the lotion is for normal to oily, with an spf of 15. Both products are both suitable for sensitive skin.

I’ll save the rest of my praise for my review, but let me say-these products lived up the their standard, high quality, unique formulas, effective results. It’s just the Kiehl’s way!

So let’s hear it, who loves Kiehl’s?!

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