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When I think about makeup, which does tend to occupy a lot of my time,this Goddess Granny‘s mind always starts with the genius that was Kevyn Aucoin: his career spanned 20 years and if you’ve never browsed through his book “Making Faces”, you haven’t lived! The man truly held the power to transform, design and inspire in every stroke of his brush and I remember mourning when he passed all too young. He absolutely had a profound effect on my own personal “look” for years and I still browse my signed copy of his book to this day, always picking up on some nuance that only he could describe in such a way that a mere mortal might believe that they too could end up looking like his models did. He was iconic and will always be a genius of the art to me.

Almost ironically, his own signature line of cosmetics was released initially not long before he died and even today, I have yet to find a line that SO does what a true “artist” would expect from his tools: perfectly formulated and shaded foundations, liquid-lip colors that gloss and shade like nothing else,and my very favorite, his eyeshadow palettes (yes PALETTE ALERT!) that contain some of the most perfect, unusual and impossibly flattering shades of powders ever created.

I recently scored a #6 palette, pictured above, at my local Sephora on sale for 30% off: the colors are nothing I thought I’d love as I do but the texture, rich depth of color and the way they glide on like silk and last forever has me hunting down the entire spectrum! The pigments in these shadows allow one to wash an eyelid with sheer color or to design a look with such richness as to rival an oil painting 🙂 Gorgeous high quality compact with mirror and 2 excellent applicators, a foam wand and a brush that really are the “best” I’ve found in an out of the box eyeshadow. They are SO much more beautiful in person, the aquas makes my eyes sparkle and the burgundy is velvety and sexy! This, along with my much-loved Cat Cosmetics “Hello Gorgeous” palette are the only shadow-sets that I currently allow to sit on the top of my vanity these days! (Note: the inside drawers are full of others just scratching to get out:)

I wanted to bring this line to your attention because Sephora is discontinuing it although I have found it for sale on other online sites: if you love HIGH quality makeup, do yourself a favor and hunt down some of Kevyn’s products before they become even harder to find. You might be rewarded if you browse your local Sephora or check around on line to see where else the products are being offered at sale prices.

I will always and forever have my copy of “Making Faces” to remind me of Kevyn’s great talent but now I’m on a hunt for every shadow palette and a few other choice goodies as well! I wanted to share this find with y’all asap because it’s simply too good not to share! I promise you won’t be unhappy with anything you might try in the entire line! I honestly don’t know if it’s being discontinued but it’s worth getting on sale if you can.

Check to see what’s left here and here and if anyone’s seen the products on sale elsewhere, won’t you share?

I personally would offer favors of the sordid-type for a set of his brushes so if you see them on sale, I’ll flip you for them!

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