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When our favorite copper Penny from Just For Redheads contacted me about her products specifically designed for the fiery hued I thought of our great reviewer Megadam she always has such great comments and her tresses are a gorgeous red! Thankfully, Megadam accepted!! From one redhead to any of our redhead readers, find out if Just For Redheads is your new go-to product!-XOXO Meg

Sure, the statistics say that only 1% of the population is a natural redhead and that the approximately 15% of ladies you see with red/auburn/strawberry hair are checmically-enhanced, but we are hot and very special so I’m sure you will agree it is about time there was a company that delivered some makeup in the color palettes that are flattering to the titan-haired beauties of the world.

I’m sure any ladies out there with red hair/fair skin, natural or not, can relate to the frustrations of trying to find some makeup shades that are not too dark (brunettes) or too light (blondes). I especially have problems with eyebrow pencils/powders – I own at least 7 eye brow pencils & powders -ranging from drugstore brands to Chanel that I just can’t wear because the shade is just not right. Correctly done eyebrows can really enhance a girlslook – Linda Evangelista was quoted as saying her supermodel career didn’t really take off until she figured out how to frame her face correctly with her eyebrows.So when I received the Just For Redheads package in themail from our own beautous and fearless makeup leader but mere brunetteMeg, I was thrilled to see an auburn eyebrow pencil and also powder-based eyebrow enhancer. There was also a mascara, but I’ll get to that in a second
I just am too exicted about the eyebrow cosmetics.

When I started using the Just For Redheads cosmetics, my hair was a light auburn, which I recently had darked to a deeper red. This pencil from Just For Redheads is the perfect shade and consistency – it goes on smoothly, blends beautifully,and most of all it looks natural so I don’t have any of the dreaded telltale pencil line like my Aunt Mabel had. It looked totally natual with my both lighter & darker red hair. The other eyebrow cosmeticin the powder-based compact was great as well – it was a more neutral light brown which is perfect for any type of coloring and is good for less dramatic looks. Another big plus to these eyebrow cosemtics – they stayed put after 18 holes of golf – and this is always the ultimate test for me. I also tried the Just For Redheads mascara. I admit that I am a mascara junkie – I can’tlive without it and I’m willing to pay just about anything for it. I really liked the Just For Redheads mascara in the auburn shade – I have never tried a mascara that had reddish tones like this, and it was much lighter than the Blackest Black Noir I usually wear, but I was quite pleased with the result. This mascara really lenghted and thickened my lashes without clumps, and the lighter color looked really natural. It also had a very useful comb and brush combo and the end of the wand, which made my lasheslook all the more natural.

And now for a true story. A few days after doing my brows & eyelashes with the Just For Headeds cosmetics, I was out for dinner with my man at a restaurant we frequent, and our server who waits on us often, asked me whatI had done – she said I looked great and “really pretty”. Got love those
unsolicited compliments! If you are a redhead, you should really try these products!

*Some other fun facts about redheads
1. We are more sensitive to pain, and need more anetesia than the general population
2. Was considered the “hair color of beauty” in the middle ages
3. Some biblical historians believe that Jesus himself was actually a redhead (see Vatican secret archives)!


Redhead Readers! Ever try Just For Redheads or what company takes care of your shades?

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