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cellulareyeskincareDid you ever use a product and “re-create” the packaging or other quality in your mind to make it PERFECT? Goddess Granny is guilty of this: I mentally tweak just about everything I use wishing that it were easier to get out of the container or had less waste or didn’t flake all over when I tried to apply it. I know that companies are constantly striving to make everything gorgeous as well as effective AND user-friendly but sometimes, it really does get lost in translation. You end up with what would have been an awesome product in lame packaging so you get burnt off!

I’m all about what “works” these days because who has the time to settle? I’m not an “organic” girl by nature but if something will satisfy my immediate need for perfection and is also pure enough to meet tough standards, it’s a total win for me! One much -loved brand here at that IS up to 98% “organic” is “Juice Beauty” and it’s nothing short of amazing! This brand goes WAY beyond “natural” to actually pass tough and true “organic standards” of quality, active ingredients and purity. They go the distance to insure that everything they use and create is simply the best it can be! You can read their comprehensive description of “the difference” here on the Juice Beauty site and I promise, you will finally understand what all the “organic hoopla”is about and why it’s worth it!

Now that, like myself, you have been educated as to the how and why of the science of “organic”, be prepared to be WOWED because I have been: “Stem Cellular Repair Eye Treatment” is one of those products that cannot be improved upon. Nope…not the packaging, the texture, the performance or the results because it’s TRULY one heck of a product! The sleek container contains an eye treatment that has literally transformed the DRY skin around my eyes into baby-like sleekness. I can honestly say that if I skip using it morning or night, I can tell the difference! Makeup SLIDES over it effortlessly and not one single crease or smudge (unlike many other eye treatments you can use this under your makeup.) It is packed full of glorious and organic good ingredients that include “fruit stem cells” and high concentrates of natural vitamin C that work hard to give results that CAN be seen! It firms, smoothes, soothes and heals this prone to wrinkles ares we all struggle with at some point and it does it with so many extraordinary ingredients in one container that I am in awe!

The dispenser has a perfect pump system that allows just a small about to come out BUT…wait for it…the top of the dispenser is silky-smooth and “curved” almost into a little reverse scoop shape and you USE IT to apply under your eyes! NO tugging or pulling, no finger full of eye-stuff IN the yes (I am famous for this…) and it glides on with ease and grace so that you never have to risk contamination with your grubby fingers or anything else! Seriously GENIUS applicator and I can’t imagine having to ring-finger pat ever again…you just slide the treatment on and it sets almost immediately!

Juice Beauty has created one of MY all-time favorite ever products with this “Stem Cellular Repair Eye Treatment” and re-ordering for me is mandatory! I truly believe one of the first “beauty products” even someone young should begin to use IS a great eye treatment. Not only does this fabulous product deliver results that are totally effective and pure even for those with sensitivities, it does with with packaging that i innovative without being coy and practical without sacrificing elegance! I truly think this is one of THE best products I have tried and/or reviewed in the past couple of years and can find nothing but great things to rave about what Juice Beauty has given us all to experience and enjoy!

Buy it here,
classy and informative site and of course, we all know that the “Juice Beauty” Green Apple Peels are THE most effective ones you can buy that are “non-clinical” and boy do they deliver epic results!

I cannot, repeat, cannot live without a great eye treatment in my life anymore and believe that everyone will enjoy huge results from this product! Don’t you love it when something is fabulously effective AND applies like a dream? Have you gone “organic” yet and tried something fabulous from Juice Beauty? Their foundation is calling my name…

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