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JUARAEver wake up an just plain old not recognize your face?  That’s the mornings I’ve been having since Sweetassgal started her new job.  I love it, and I’m so happy to have gotten such a great job but let me tell you its a whole new ball of wax when you now have to start getting up before the sun does!  Not a biggie for lots of you but when you aren’t a morning person it bites…BIG TIME!
As a result of this I’m adjusting to trying to go to bed earlier (not always succeeding in falling asleep earlier) and getting up before the butt crack of dawn which is now showing each an every morning in my face.  Specifically my eyes.  I don’t even look like myself at that time of the morning and my under eye area has decided to revolt.  No…not revolt.  This is more of a full stage coup.  I’m starting to resemble Abe Vigoda and I don’t like it ONE bit!
Having accumulated mass treasures from Meg I delved into my stash of beauty backups and ran across something I purchased a while back and just completely forgot about.  NEW treasure to be sure!  Juara’s Sweet Black Tea Eye Cream has come to my rescue all week.  And why shouldn’t it…everything about Juara is just incredible and I’m already a fan of their face wash and scrub so I might as well just add this to the list.  And since I don’t often drink coffee or really even tea in the morning, then I’ll get a little dose of it on my eyes each morning to reduce the puffiness.  Instead of lying on my back with tea bags over my eyes I can just dab a little all around the eye area and within minutes I’m fresh faced and looking much less like “Fish” from Barney Miller.  GOD I hated that show.  I personally think Barney Miller and MASH were intentionally designed to torture children of the eighties and counter act the super sweet effects of watching too many episodes of The Smurfs.
“This silky, fragrance-free eye treatment combines fermented sweet black tea (also known as Kombucha – the drink that Hollywood’s been buzzing about and can be found at health food stores!) and nourishing rice bran oil to hydrate and rejuvenate the fragile eye area. Fermented sweet black tea is independently tested to tighten skin and reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles, while rice bran oil helps protect and maintain skin elasticity with natural Vitamin E. Fast-absorbing enough to be worn under concealer, yet potent enough to be an effective night-time treatment, this ultra smooth creme can be used for all occasions, day and night, whenever skin needs extra attention and care.”
For centuries the women of Indonesia have honored traditions of beauty and health by using natural botanicals and herbs from their tropical forests to maintain exalted and celebrated famale beauty.  How incredible is that?!  Recipes created by healers have been handed down for generations to help detoxify and prevent illness…all the while maintaining the natural beauty of the women in this lush region.  Thanks to Juara we have the opportunity to indulge in these centuries old secrets and bring a more natural and time honored option to our beauty ritual.  With product line ingredients like skin-softening milk and rose petals, to spicy aromatics such as ginger and turmeric there are endless options and delicious treats all waiting to try.  For me, Juara is one skin care line that never disappoints and the Sweet Black Tea Eye Cream is no exception.
Now that I’m feeling a little more like myself at a much more civilized time in the morning I think I’ll pop over to the Juara website and see what else I can tempt myself with.  The Avocado and Banana Moisture Mask that Baby Love recommended is calling my name for the upcoming sunny months.  Pop it in the fridge, get it nice and cool, generously apply and have a cocktail by my pool while it works its moisturizing magic.  That sounds like HEAVEN…and heaven…thy name is Juara!  GLAM ON!

I have been loving Juara for a while now! Who else is a Juara devotee!

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