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brushStylemama here!  I am obsessed with eyebrows. Or, if you are fluent in toddler-speak, you might call them eyebrowns.  I have serious  eyebrow envy.  When I spy a woman with great looking, full, perfectly groomed, natural eyebrows I want to run up to her and beg her to never over-tweeze or allow an inexperienced hand near her precious treasure.  Eyebrows are as important to your face as fingers are to hands.  Do I exaggerate?

My eyebrows are decent but nothing to brag about.  I’m always on the hunt for tools and products that transform my “less-thans” to “more-thans” in the most natural manner possible.  You skinny hairs are going to love my latest find.

But first, have you ever noticed that most brow brushes are kind of big and sometimes difficult to manage?  If you haven’t it’s probably because you have a beautiful lush set of brows and definitely don’t need my help.  But, if you are like me, you really do need a smaller brush to maintain that ‘fake’ natural look.

I recently purchased a dual ended, Joey New York ‘State of The Arch’ Brush for $4.99 form  This little beauty offers a mini-angled brush on one end and a mini-square brush on the other.  Yep, mini is the word of the day.  You can use the angled end for the outer tail of the brow and use the square end to cover larger areas or even turn it on its side for more precise application.  The dual options make it work for any (mini)  😉  shape or style.  I love tools that offer a two-for-one approach.  However, this twofer definitely wouldn’t work well for any of you above average, abundantly shaped, thick browed, bitches!  What?  I told you I was jealous, what did you expect?  For my hairless sisters, this brush is going to be your new BFF.

You can’t beat’s price or their expedient shipping.  We are talking virtual instant gratification.  In case you are wondering, the inexpensive price tag definitely does not reflect the quality.  It’s a well-made tool and this is one time when you can count on getting more than what you paid for.  Happiness abounds!

Eyebrow Fun Fact:  Did you know that if you dream about eyebrows it could mean that you’ll encounter sinister objects in your immediate future?  So, what tools are you using to achieve a beautiful if not, sinister brow? Kiss

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