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Gigi here!
Don’t mess with this Drugstore Deals Reviewer!  I will climb Mt. Everest or swim the English Channel to find cutting-edge deals to keep you lovely. Though generally non-combative, I have been known to wrestle another shopper to the floor to obtain the last remaining item in a display if I plan to review it.  My mind is a living Rolodex for the latest and best in beauty I’ve seen in countless magazines and in other media.  For what?  For the elite, the proud, the stunning readers who were wise enough to join this utopian site. “Magnificent Meg Heads” rule here!  They rule everywhere!

 But I didn’t need to scour the planet or my barren building pretending to function as a drugstore this time. I had a serendipitous moment in the The Medicine Shoppe (yes, we do have one other drugstore but the concentration here is on pharmaceuticals and over-the-counter medications). I had a sore throat and needed antibiotics and picked them up here.  This entire staff works hard, very hard to fill prescriptions so quickly that I swear they’re clairvoyant.  They seem to know what you need before you tell them!  Scary.

This time I lingered even though they were Energizer Bunnies as usual and filled in it two minutes.  I sat and found two revolving displays of beauty accessories–care for feet, tweezers, manicure supplies, all the tools to make staying gorgeous possible. The displays resembled Christmas trees as they turned, revealing all of the tempting products dangling and showing off their gleaming wares, some in colors like cobalt, red, emerald green, and gold.  That meant I had to purchase something.  And then I saw “IT.”

What is “IT?”  Denco Ultra’s Dream Eyes Eyelash Curler for around $6.50 (used by professional makeup artists).  This ingenious eyelash curler has become my newest friend.  It is a multi-tasker. I dance and chant at the feel of this all-plastic, ergonomically shaped, fully washable crimper.  It is more comfortable and offers less “ouch” than metal; it is not as apt to pull out delicate lashes (I have a scant supply and plan to keep them).  Now comes the fun part:  Slide open the bar in the front and an eyelash comb and brush will emerge. No more excuses and no more mascara lumps, flakes, or unruly Andy Rooney brows.  This is grooming at home and to go at its best!  (For brows, a bit of moistened soap on the brush will hold them in place so that you are not confused with him by your friends in case you have no eyebrow wax.)

The appearance makes it more than a beauty implement.  It’s a power tool, reminiscent of action flicks. It’s sleek, chic, and oh-so-maverick!  Walking down the street and fear a shady-looking character?  Whip out the curler and say, “My Name is Bond, Jane Bond.”  Any bad guys will retreat in haste.

Thus I “Googled” where to purchase it if you don’t have a Medicine Shoppe near you.  For online shopping, visit to purchase it.  The price?  $3.99.  Yes, you read that correctly.  A beauty steal for less than $5.00 makes my heart beat wildly.

Gigi the instructor must give her tips or Catholic guilt kicks in–big time.  Great lashes sometimes take great time.  Look in a mirror and gently sandwich lashes within the curler.  Ensure that they have not gone awry (slanted or forgotten) and begin again if necessary.  Lashes are more defined when this is applied to the base, but exert only gentle pressure.  Make sure that you purchase replacement pads when you feel the benefits are not quite as effective as they had previously been.  Wash the entire tool frequently to avoid contamination.  Don’t think of using any curler after applying mascara; you will most likely receive extra “oomph” but make quick work of pulling out these fragile hairs and they often do not grow again.  James Bond’s gadget inventor “Q” would be envious.  I’m just humbled to be of service to you . . . and I think I’ll enjoy a Martini–shaken, not stirred.

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