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byebyeundereye“So long as a woman has twinkles in her eyes, no man notices whether she has wrinkles under them…” Dolores Del Rio (1904-1983)

Spoken like a true legendary beauty of the 1930’s whose lovers are a who’s who of Hollywood and the world! Goddess Granny suggests you read about her and discover what a “Beauty Legend” REALLY might be? SO different from today’s standards and levels of acceptance! I don’t however totally agree that no one will notice the mess under one’s eyes simply because they are incredibly captivating although it’s something to strive for!

Honestly, under-eye circles aren’t my worst beauty-nightmare personally but I know the issue is annoying to many! I have other nasty fish to fry when it comes to my flaws. There is however nothing like the power of a GREAT concealer and with SO many on the market, it’s easy to overlook the ones who might actually be the stuff of legend.

“Innovative Technology Cosmetics”
or IT Cosmetics is a brand I knew little about: an expertly created line of cosmetics that are not only somewhat “clinical” in nature in that they were designed to help perfect the skin after surgery both elective and non with incredible formulas that also allow the user to look fabulous while healing without looking like there’s anything to hide! This is a new idea to me: most of the “clinically based” makeups out there are not something most would choose to use everyday. They are known to be thicker, heavier, harder to apply-simply not really great for one’s skin! I know many believe in “minerals” but for some of us, they aren’t our best option.

IT Cosmetic’s
products are cutting-edge in terms of their ability to nurture and heal the skin but also look SO great on that one can and will want to use them everyday! MANY celebs are in love with this line as well (who knew?) With good reason because your “flaws” are no more, no touchups are required and you are treating the skin with some pretty amazing ingredients while you look perfect!

“Bye Bye Under Eye”
is so good I almost can’t stand it: full coverage, highly-pigmented, easy to apply and waterproof? Be still my heart…Add some vitamins K, C, A, E, and Collagen and oh yeah…make it moisturizing as well! It does NOT cling or accentuate any little line, crease or wrinkle. You may very well have THE best concealer ever in a sleek but generously-sized little tube in your hand! Developed and USED by those whispered about plastic surgeons in Brazil, it was created to hide swelling and bruising but quickly became the darling of the beautiful who hadn’t had surgery as well because it’s so good! A tiny bit is all that’s needed and I have been (HUGE beauty tip coming…drumroll!) my foundation brush to apply, not a small harder to blend concealer brush. The foundation brushes are usually synthetic-bristled and tapered. You can simply squeeze a drop onto your hand, pick up the product and maneuver the brush under the eye right up to the lash-line if you use the edge without ANY tugging or pulling and blending becomes effortless with the flat side of the brush…Trust me, this is a great tip that took me years to discover! More “area” covered more smoothly and easily and you can simply blend any extra around your nose or lips without having to juggle another brush! ByeBye is available in fours shades which also also huge because most wear under eye cover-up that is too light so here are more options. Can you use it elsewhere? You betcha’ and it’s so good at concealing blemishes and anything else you dislike that it might well be all you need in the morning and it WILL last all day! The wearability is unsurpassed by anything I have ever tried. I tested it by wearing it to a killer Zumba class and if anything survives an hour of fierce-sweat- It rocks in my book!

Buy this FABULOUS award-winning concealer here, they have an AMAZING blog and I love how interactive and crisp the site is!

I was a bit in awe while browsing the “who’s who” of press and those who also love this line and am looking forward to trying more of their unique and obviously incredible products! This may not be a “mainstream” line but let me tell you my fellow Megheads, it IS one of the best I’ve been lucky enough to try! Check it out if you have anything to hide! Legends seldom make excuses so just cover them up and go be fabulous!

Do you also appreciate it when “less is more” because a product works SO well you need much less on your face to look perfect?

Buy it here!

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