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Katie here bringing you the tips for perfect eyes!

Eyeliner (n.) – a cosmetic for the eyelids, usually applied in a thin line close to the lashes to accentuage the eyes. It’s such a simple idea, but I really think that eyeliner can be one of the trickiest cosmetic beasts to master.  Pencil? Gel? Liquid? Powder? Thin? Thick?  Cat-eye? Clown-dots below and above the lids (I’ve seen it, its weird by they do it)? With a brush or without?  Waterproof or regular? There are so many gosh darn decisions!  This week, I’m all about simplifying this monumental task in our daily regime.  
Generally,I do think the thinner and more natural looking your eyeliner, the better.  It’s not supposed to be the color on your eyes (that’s what shadow is for) its just supposed to highlight the shape of your eyes.  Also, NEVER line the lower lashes with a liquied or a harshley colored pencil.  If you absolutely MUST put something under your lower lashes, make sure that it is very thin, and very well blended/smudged.  As a rule, though, lining the lower lashes makes your eyes look smaller and older.
– probably the simplest of the tools to use and master.  They are also the easiest to correct when you goof up! They come in a variety of shapes, but I still find that SKINNY eyeliner pencils are the easiest to control.  Generally, the gel-based formulas last a little bit longer (in terms of hours of wear) and they don’t dry up or get crusty like some of the old school pencils.  Though Kohl formulas are a good option too.  I love:
Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Pencils:  They are a creamy gel formula that comes in lots of wonderful (and practical colors). They can be easily blended for about 30 seconds after you apply them, and they stay put all day…especially if you have an eye-primer on underneath.  And…waterproof!
Makeup Forever AquaEyes: Really, these are along the same lines as the urban decay pencil.  They are also waterproof, they come in a different variety of shades than the Urban Decay pencils so they’re really on par with them as well!
Sephora Nano liners: these are a good option if you really want to play with some different colors, they’re only $5, but they’re not waterproof and you only get about half of the amount of products as standard sized pencil so I’m not sure that it’s worth it if you already know what you like as far as eyeliners go.
– from all the eyeliners options, Gels are the most waterproof and stay put products to boot.  It take a little bit of skill to learn to apply them with a brush (A flat taklon eyeliner brush is easiest – just connect the dashes that the brush  naturally makes, just take your time and make sure to get as close close to the lash line as posssible).  As a chronic eye-itcher and rubber (I can’t help it!) I really like to wear these on a daily basis because eyeliner isn’t really convenient to “touch up” during the day. I love:
Stila Smudge Pots – they started it all!  The pots are rather large and will last you a long long time.  They start to get a little bit dry after a while, but wetting your brush before hand keeps it nice and slick.  The black is a go-to and also great for the inner-rims when you’re doing a smoky eye.
Smashbox Jet-Set Waterproof – and WHOA they were not kidding about the waterproof!  You HAVE to have eyemakeup remover to get this off – but I love that! Whenver I wear these I never worry about smudging or running or raccoon eyes!
– if you love that sleek Angelina Jolie look, you want a liquid liner.  There’s definitely a learning curve in putting these on well. It’s hard to learn to not leave a gap between the “line” and your lashes but slowing down a little helps a bunch.  These days, they’re making felt tips so its much easier to have a steady hand when you put these on.  Bonus: they are much less likely to run or smudge than a pencil, but they don’t often come in waterproof formulas.  I love:
Hourglass Calligraphy Liners– one of those felt-tip models I was telling you about.  I love the inky dark color of the black one.  It’s SO chic to do a well done sleek line of black liquid on top only paired with a nude matte or semi-matte shadow.  You’ve never seen your eyes so awake and fresh!
Lorac Front of the Line – the exception to the waterproof rules.  These pen-format liners are waterproof.  And they last.  For days. A great choice if you really want long-lasting.
Powders – nothing too remarkable about these – you can juse a thing angled brush to smudge around the eyes after you’ve already applied your shadows (in a darker shade).  It looks very natural and subtle.  Perfect if you’re in that “less-makeup-is-more” sort of category.  Plus, there are several products that can transform any color of shadow into a water-resistant liquid as you wish!  Most of the time, the are just a version of sugar-and-water.
Too-Faced Liquif-Eye– just dip the wand into any shadow to create your own smudgeproof liquid eyeliner.  It won’t make your shadow crusty as moisture often can.  Just make sure to clean the wand thoroughly between uses and/or colors!

Those are tips for the tools to give you top eyes! Do you think I’ve forgotten anyone?

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