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gabriel mascaraSweetassgal on the war path still looking for the ideal paraben free and most “natural” mascara I can find!

I’ve always had a mini-obsession with women who have two things…luscious lips and lashes!  I have neither (she says weeping) and as such have spent countless hours and hundreds of dollars on anything that will plump up either feature.  Some youthful attempts were quiet insane and I’m ashamed to admit even a little on the idiotic side.  I’ve played with falsies (lashes I mean) and nearly glued my eye shut while simultaneously pulling out half my lashes.  I’ve pondered permanent makeup to increase the outer line of my lips but came to my senses at the first thought of impending blood.  I even spent the entire morning before my Freshman school picture practicing how to hold my lips and smile in a way that wouldn’t make my teensy lips disappear.  It did not work of course, and I ended up looking like I was having a minor stroke in my picture.  One word…RETAKES!
Alas, full lips and lashes just don’t come with my German/Welsh genes and I have conceded defeat to my beautiful friend Jennifer’s heartier and more robust Italian genetics.  If my genes and hers got into a catfight mine would end up pummeled into the ground while hers batted its full lashes and blew perfect pucker kisses to the crowd yelling Ciao baby!!!

So given the fact that Mother Nature so thoughtfully deigned NOT to bless me in the lashes and lips department (she spent it all on my boobies…can I get a refund please?!) I’m forced to coat my lashes with layers and layers of paraben ridden mascara to achieve even nominal success.  Since it’s my job as Green Chi Tuesday’s reviewer I’ve made it my mission to find a healthier and cruelty free alternative (I’m talking to YOU L’Oreal…shame on you) that performs as well as Diorshow’s Lash Out mascara.  I’m thoroughly impressed with Gabriel Cosmetics pressed powder so I gave their little black tube a shot.  Here are the thumbs up and the thumbs down…

Way up! – Very gentle and non-irritating formula fortified with B5 and natural plant waxes for conditioning and nourishing your lashes.  The end result is truly defined and very clean looking with absolutely no clumping or goopiness.  Grapeseed extract is used in place of nasty parabens and they are cruelty free and completely vegan.  Bravo!

Going down – Not a complete thumbs down but this product is only available in black and black brown and the wand (for me) leaves something to be desired.  Though it is perfect for coating and defining your lashes it doesn’t do much for me in the way of volumizing.  I need a full brush much like Dior’s to really get my lashes FAT FAT FAT!  However there is an entire school of thought, and pardon me in advance for bringing up the Great Lash debate, that embraces this similar kind of wand.  I know Jennifer has been a nearly lifelong devotee of the old pink and green tube and on her it looks FAB but for me I might as well swipe spit on my lashes because that’s all it does for me. 

So it’s my determination that when you have full lashes like Jen you need a cleaner looking mascara just to define but not overwhelm ala Tammy Faye.  If your lashes have all of the va-va-voom of an anemic ballerina on valium …then it’s a Diorshow kind of brush for you.  All in all I will use my tube of Gabriel Mascara happily and am certainly not suffering for it but am anxious to try his Zuzu Luxe mascara which looks like it has a fuller brush as well as Tarte’s Lights, Camera, Lashes.  I’ve read the Tarte’s qualifies for the natural ingredients but I have to research their testing methods.  So until then…GLAM ON!!!

Buy It Here! Gabriel Cosmetics!

Have any of you ladies found a natural mascara you could suggest for me?

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