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hourglasseyelinerCan you even believe that Summer 2011 is almost over? I don’t think I’ve had time to even unpack this season’s clothes! Goddess Granny is in a tizzy, exciting times and travel lately but it also seems like everything IS moving faster! Not sure if it’s Mother Nature or simply the nature of life today but it sure is a whirlwind and I don’t just mean Irene!!! Stay safe and breathe deep my pretties because I don’t see this carnival ride slowing down anytime soon!

More than ever I am depending on and reaching for “stuff that works!” Seriously, I find myself literally chucking bottles and tubes in the wastebasket because they simply require too much effort to use or don’t deliver to my rather exacting standards! I want GREAT quality products that LOOK and FEEL luxurious and WORK precisely as they are marketed and as I expect….easy peasy,right? Wink I have the basics of getting my fluffy-butt out the door most days down to a science and know what transforms me from a middle aged “okay looking” female to one that gets a lot of second glances: lipstick and eyeliner are a MUST if I want to look and feel like my glam game’s on.Going to Walmart however means that I resort to tinted moisturizer and a ponytail…I do NOT want to risk even a remote chance of a second look there!

 I’m going to freak y’all out here: I was in the “school supply” aisle the other day looking for cute pens and three teenaged girls were buying fine-line black Sharpie markers to be used as cosmetics! I flinched, thought about saying something, then quickly slid my basket to the safety of the cake decorating section where I could pretend to be gasping in delight at the icing colors…OMG is an understatement!!

I simply love even the word “Hourglass” because I AM one! The work represents to many the ULTIMATE in feminine shape and thought the ages, women have strived to BE an “Hourglass!” Today the word also represents a fantastically female,luxury brand of cosmetics that are taking the market by storm! Created by renowned beauty innovator and the force behind several top brands in her career, Carisa James has worked from creation to development on some of the most impressive lines available before launching her brand “Hourglass” to fill a niche in the luxury cosmetics market. Beautiful, functional, exceptional high-quality products that not only use cutting-edge tech but that are formulated to treat and improve with each use! She feels that “makeup is one of the great luxuries of being a women” and who among us wouldn’t agree? Style and substance, always a huge WIN represent “Hourglass” in all they create!

“Calligraphy” fluid eyeliner is one of my latest “grab it and go” products! Formulated with soothing botanical blends and protein,it does NOT contain any of the nasty-stuff we try to avoid like sulfates and get this: it’s gluten free as well! Small detail to many, HUGE plus for some who are extremely sensitive! SERIOUSLY water and smudge-proof,it glides on with a felt tip pen applicator and makes subtle or dramatic eye lining almost effortless!!! GORGEOUS packaging, you can tell you have quality in your hand with the beautifully-balanced and sleek case and the product itself is probably the richest black eyeliner I have ever used…I can do a simple skinny line or wing it out to the MOON with a single swipe and it’s perfection every time!

Amazing staying power (and reviews!) I believe it’s one product that lives up to the hype and the cost: “Hourglass” is a luxury brand and their pricing reflects the incredible quality of the products which are SOARING to the top of every hot makeup artist’s list! If like me, you want to be able to grab, apply knowing it will be perfect and last, and not even have to worry about a touch up (and yes, the gym-class test has been successfully passed) then this may well be your holy grail liner as well!

Buy it here at Sephora, for some reason,the “Hourglass” home site itself wouldn’t come up for me but there are other purchase options as well!

Be sure to explore the brand and believe me that everything I have tried from this line really IS that good! The lip stains and glosses are constantly “sold out” at my local Sephora and I’m dying to get my hands on as much “Hourglass” as possible!

I am someone who will buy and re-buy a product that REALLY hits the mark even if it’s a bit more! I believe it’s better to invest in proven quality (and Sephora has an amazing return policy as well!) rather than to waste time and money on mediocre products trying to kid myself they work just as well…do you also believe that sometimes it’s absolutely worth it to pay a bit more if the product and performance are THE best! You will not be disappointed by anything “Hourglass” produces, it’s a fabulous line!

Have any of you ever tried Hourglass products?

Buy It Here!

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