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Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I promise next week I’ll dish about all the hottest holiday stuff at Mecca (Sephora). But I can stall it out one more week because, its still Thanksgiving season! But for now, you know, something else. Sure you can have all of this season’s Louboutin pumps and the it-bag. But I think all of us Megsmakeup ladies know that if you really want to pull your up-to-the-second trendy look off – you need the face! If you go google all of the Fall 2007 runway shows you cannot escape this overriding makeup trend this season: Uber-defined, sexy eyes; Nude cheeks, stained lips.

For the eyes, its not so much black. Anyone can smear raccoon paint around their eyes. It’s a lot of sultry charcoal gray. If you managed to snag the Smashbox JetSet Liner in Lust while it was available with the fall collection you lucked out! The Cream Liner in Image would be fabulous as well. This is just the liner though – the higlight and the crease shading is still pretty subtle. The shades in LORAC’s CROC palette are perfect. Smashbox in 35mm, Champagne or Vapor for the highlight. Cargo Fiji in the crease. Also, you definitely need light, feathery, full lashes. NO TARANTULAS ALLOWED! Givenchy EyeFly, Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes, LORAC Mascara. All good options.

The cheeks – there’s no pink or red or rose to them. It’s all cheekbones. But like the DiorShow powder in Artistic bronze underneath the cheek bone to set them off. Also NARS blushes in Luster or Zen will do this perfectly. Don’t be afraid of a little bit of shimmer in the blush because you still want the highlights!

Lips are stained. Not glossy, not painted-looking lipstick. Vincent Longo Gel Stains, Laura Mercier Stain Pots, or Urban Decay lip envies. Its so simiple, so chic, and uber glam. I also really love this look because even those who aren’t glamour girls every day and every night can pull this off and look and feel super-hot for a night on the town!

Any ladies already sporting this look? Can you agree with my products? Here are pictures from the Michael Kors and Derek Lam fall 2007 shows.

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