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Meg here! Happy Monday! One of the top questions I get asked (besides “Are you being serious?”) Is about liquid eyeliner. It’s tough to do. You need a steady hand and one little tremble and it’s all over, you’ve just created a mess!

As we just learned (come to and read Brooke Boles awesome interview! Hot Pants Cosmetics could just as easily be called “Smarty Pants Cosmetics” Brooke just executes brilliant touches on her products that make them so consumer friendly. You don’t have to be a trained make-up artist to look like you’ve just been to one with her products.With this eyeliner kit, she tackles the feared “liquid liner” and makes it almost impossible to mess up! Notice I say “ALMOST” There’s one in every bunch and I don’t want to be emailed if someone out there has somehow managed to do it.

Anyhow, got these really glam pink marabou lined pouches filled with the tools to pull off the “Angelina cat eyes” Inside was one of her pigmented shadows (black) the liquid eyeliner base and an angled brush for simple application!

All you have to do is dip your (very thoughtful) enclosed brush into her pigmented shadow and voila! Instant professional eyes! Sultry for night, sexy for events and simple for novices.

The set comes with THREE EYESHADOWS, A BRUSH, A LIQUID BASE all at a super reasonable price!

It was so great learning all about you Brooke! A quality woman with a quality company!

What do you ladies think the best liquid eyeliners are? What do you think of Hot Pants Cosmetics Eyeliner set?Hot Pants Cosmetics BUY IT HERE!

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