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CosminologyConcealerMissRo here to tell you to get rid of your foundation, because all you need is the Cosminology Kharmic Khameleon, AstroKoncealer to “hide your dirty lil’ imperfections”.

I am not the biggest fan of foundation on an everyday basis. I realize that everyone has different skin issues and might need heavier coverage. I prefer just concealer and a dusting of a foundation/powder with a brush all over. The way that I apply my concealer goes like this – on the sides of my nose, between my bottom lip and chin, just above my eyebrows in the middle of my forehead, on my eyelids (for an eyeshadow base), and the lower/inner corner of my eyes. I blend all that in, put on my eye makeup, curl my lashes, throw on my powder, then finish with blush, mascara, fill in the brows, throw on a gloss, and I’m good to go!

One of the things that drives me crazy about many concealers is that they are SO thick. And then it’s no wonder they crease so easily and you spend the day constantly wiping your under eye to smooth out the makeup. I don’t really have a preference whether it’s a sponge tip, lipstick-style, or a little pot, I just care about the formulation.

When I received the Cosminology products I got such a kick out of the names, which I wrote about in my post about the company. Then it was time to try them. I tried a bit of the skin care and so far, so good. I really like it. So, this morning it was time to try the concealer.

I am wearing the concealer in AstroShore. I was going to go a bit lighter and try AstroSand, but I’m still a bit tanned from the Summer, so went a shade darker. The product comes in a sponge tip applicator and glides on like silk. It blends beautifully and pretty much stays put for the whole day.

Now, you must be wondering why I say to get rid of your foundation? Well, that’s because if you use this concealer in all the places that need coverage and put some powder on top, you achieve that same look without caking on the foundation. Don’t get me wrong, I love all makeup and I’m not saying you shouldn’t use foundation, but for everyday I don’t think it’s necessary.

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Are you a foundation or just a concealer girl? What is your favorite concealer and why?

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