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Hard Candy Eye Shadow Quartet in “Suede”

The Hard Candy rocking reps sent us their “Eye Shadow Quartet in SUEDE” to review.

God, I am really starting to get old. I remember how hot I was sporting Chanel’s Vamp at eighteen. In Los Angeles, I really went for it. Maybe I couldn’t pay my electric bill but God knows I was at the nail salon every Thursday. I remember being so confident and trend-setting that I brought MY OWN Hard Candy Sky Blue nailpolish because the salon didn’t even have it yet.

That’s how I remember Hard Candy, cutting-edge and trend-setting.

One of our tester’s wrote to me that this was the same palette she used on her wedding day (over twenty years ago).

What’s up Hard Candy ? Are you over re-inventing? Brown and blue has been around forever. It worked then, does it work now?

Does this combo work on both Brown and Blue peepers? Is this the combo every girl needs? Has Hard Candy perfected the brown/blue theme to our modern times? Ladies please POST if this classic has been fine-tuned into trendy and on the pulse?

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Hard Candy Eye Shadow Quartet – Suede Suede

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