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Welcome back to Green Chi Tuesdays with me, Chichi! I’ve spent the past week researching green beauty products and ideasand to be honest, I’m feeling a little guilty. As you might guess, my cabinets and drawers are stuffed with half-full bottles of beauty products. I am the type that never finishes one product before I move on to something bigger and better. This leads to my old products languishing around the house until they are way past their expiration date and I throw them away. Such a waste of money, energy and materials!

So, starting today, I am turning over a new (greener) leaf. No more rushing out to buy new products when my old ones will do just fine. Plus, time to start handling these containers with care! Here are my resolutions (and some tips for you) to add some green to your beauty routine:

1) Stop buying new products before you have finished an old one. I went through all my products and pulled out all of the ones that are still usable. I promise not to buy a new shampoo until I have finished the remnants of the 3 shampoos in my beauty cabinet.

2) If you have half-full products that just are not right for you: pass them on! I have a pile of great products that do not work for me, but will be appreciated by my beauty obsessed friends and family.

3) Re-use those empty containers. Clean and rinse out your empties. I re-use smaller bottles for travel. I also use some to keep certain products (like a favorite moisturizer) in my desk drawer at work. I’m sure you can think of great ways to re-use some of those pretty glass bottles or smart things to do with great functioning plastic ones.

4) Choose beauty items without excess packaging. Select beauty items that use little excess packaging. Who needs a bottle wrapped in plastic and placed in a box? Also, check the label – many products now come in packages made from recycled materials – so support those companies.

5) Find companies that reward recycling used beauty products. Both MAC Cosmetics and The Body Shop have a customer incentive program that lets you earn free product for returning your used containers to the store. For every six items you return to MAC, you will be rewarded with a free lipstick. Talk about getting satisfaction for doing your part!

6) Finally, remember to recycle all of your beauty packaging! Most plastics and paper can be recycled. Check with your local community to see what type of recycling programs they have. If you don’t have one, request a recycling bin. Rinse and squash your empties and place in the bin for pick-up.

All right ladies; let’s hear from you. Do you have any tips for recycling your beauty (or any other) items? Do you know of other companies that reward recyclers? Please pass on your suggestions!

Now, go gather up your empties and reward yourself at these great companies!

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