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 aquaStacy B here! I’m not sure what I’m more excited about this week, no more annoying election ads or the fact that it SNOWED a little on Wednesday! I heard the forecast for snow and was not all that pleased, it’s still fall! And it’s early November! Too early for that kind of cold and precipitation! But….then I saw the flakes and instantly I was a little kid again. All I wanted to do was run out of my office and play in it!!


It’s like the unofficial start of the holiday season now. Even though it’s supposed to be almost 60 again on Saturday…whatever, New England weather keeps me on my toes. But you know what this makes me think of? Sparkly, festive, holiday make up!! Perfect parties, glittery dresses, fancy heels, furry mittens and holiday martinis! Presents and snowflakes and lights!


Someone needs to talk me off the holiday ledge. Or at least get me a spiked hot chocolate and a fancy eye liner.


NYX to the rescue again. I got their Glam Liner Aqua Lux Collection and its’ perfect for the next few weeks! No, it didn’t come with spiked hot chocolate, but since this product is so easy to apply, I’ll have time to make my own.


Normally I hate liquid liners, I just don’t have the steady, or artistic, touch. They get all over my face, they are never even, they bleed all over the place, it’s always a total failure. But, this is not bad. It’s glittery, so the need for precision is not as great as a straight black or deep color. You can be a little imperfect and it’s OK.


I was really anxious to try this so I couldn’t wait for a holiday party. I threw caution to the wind and wore this to work. I did apply it VERY lightly and smudged it a bit, but I did it. I have a fellow make-up lover who sits about 4 doors down and before she even got all the way in my office, she was gushing over this liner. She loved it and said it was really cute, for day or night!


I felt so festive and fun all day, even through boring meetings! It gave me just enough sparkle to look cute and fun, but was not over the top or inappropriate for work. And, since I applied lightly and smudged a little, I know there is room for sparkle and drama for an evening out. Just apply it a little heavier, and extend a cat eye, or layer over a smokey eye and you’ll be twinkling like new fallen snow. And yes, this is subtle enough for the over 30 crowd (as I am) becuase it’s not crazy glitter all over your face.


It does take a minute to dry, so be careful when you apply. Don’t go right for the mascara, or shadow or whatever your next step is. Give it a second so you don’t smudge it (well, unless you want to smudge and in that case, do it right away). It does last a decent amount of time, had I gone out after work I would have needed a touch up but if you’re just heading to a party or dinner, you should have no problem with it. It comes off cleanly too, no extra pieces of shimmer stuck anywhere.


The color selection is great, this was such a light choice, I think I might head back and get a darker shade for a more dramatic look. Holiday parties, I’m ready for you to start!


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