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If you’re nice I don’t care if you’re selling me shit on toast, If you’re nice I’l buy it. I won’t recommend it if it is bad but I will buy it. Why? Because you were/are nice.

When I went to “The Make-Up Show” in New York it was a pleasing experience. I got to meet the creators of a bunch of lines and everyone was treated “nice”. This was not the experience I had at the Girlactik Counter.

The lady there was so nasty to me it prompted my sidekick Beautyzilla to say “I don’t care if that’s the best eyeshadow I’ve ever used. I’m never giving those girls a nice review”.

Stop. That is not the way we review on Megsmakeup but I have to say I kind of agreed.

If you’re going to put x amount of dollars into marketing, promotion and advertising, can you get a warm person to sell your product. I hope it wasn’t the owner I spoke with, if so, she needs to enroll in charm school. Fast.

We give everyone the benefit of the doubt here so maybe the person that spoke to me just got her period or something. Let’s hope so. Here’s what Girlactik Beauty had to say about their award winning eyeshadow “Eye shadow to me is about attitude. So this is where I enjoy makeup, because you can really play up your eyes to look sultry, colorful, innocent or bronzed. I love shadows that are pigmented and have a pearl finish to them. Here are 18 colors to work with that all blend together and are silky! You can apply shadow wet or dry.

Ladies please post if you would use Girlactik whether I was bitch slapped at the counter or not !


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