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garnierrollerStacy B here! I know you all read Megs Makeup for different reasons…it’s entertaining, it’s a like-minded group, it’s good information for different budgets, and it’s honest. Ok, there are probably some that read just for the makeup points, but you can’t deny that you aren’t learning something new every day even if your agenda is free makeup! (And don’t worry, we don’t blame you, free makeup is so great!) I tried to keep this in mind this week when I was trying a new product: You want honesty. You don’t want a site that has advertising paying their writers to say what they want you to hear. You don’t want a sticky sweet marketing campaign designed to secretly brainwash you into spending your hard earned money on products that don’t do what they promise. You want real women to try real products and tell you what they really think. Right?
OK…here goes. I tried Garnier’s Skin Renew Anti-Dark Circle Roller this week. And, I just didn’t like it.
Sorry Garnier. I know you have a great following and have some great products but this didn’t work for me.
I had high hopes for this. I, like so many of us, have shadows under my eyes that on some days look fine, and some days tell a million stories about my hectic, sleepless life in a one second glance. I am constantly looking for that miracle cure. This roller promises to “instantly correct the appearance of dark circles and brighten the skin around your eyes”. You just roll it on from corner to corner and feel refreshed. It has a caffeine gel that will awaken, and a lemon essense that will brighten.
I did not feel refreshed, or very brightened, and still ended up using my trusty Physicians Formula yellow-based under eye concealer on top of it. (The Physician’s Formula is the only product I’ve stuck with for years). It is supposed to roll on smoothly, which it does not. If feels smooth, yes, but the bit of foundation you get with the gel MUST be rubbed in and blended. It’s not a swipe and go product like they lead you to believe.
The few good things I did notice were that it was not sticky, absorbed quickly and did not dry out my normally sensitive eye skin. That’s great for the beginning of winter for me. I need something that will keep the skin around my eyes healthy and fresh. It did not change my dark shadows, either immediately, or over a week. It didn’t cover them up very well either. And the concealer shade was right on for me, too, so I know it wasn’t a color issue. It just didn’t do what it promised to do. After a whole week, I did notice a VERY slight brightening of my eyes, but that could also have been because I called in sick to work one day (I was really sick!) and slept for about 4 hours. That may have solved my dark circles problem right there.
I have medium toned skin that leans toward fair in the winter. My eyes are sensitive due to slight seasonal allergies and living in a cold dry climate for about 1/3 of the year. I have dark shadows that can be covered in good situations and look like big, scary, puffy dark circles in bad situations. If you sound like me, I’d skip this product. However, like I said above, you want honesty and you want to hear from real women. I know as well as you do, that not all women are the same, so my honest opinion is that if you feel that your skin tone or face structure is the same as mine, forget it. If you feel like we’re total opposites and you might have a different opinion, then go for it. It’s only about $12, so it’s not a huge risk.
Did anyone else try this and have a different opinion than me? Any success stories out there?

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