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zuzuclearIf there was one thing I could fundamentally change about myself, it would be the fact that I can’t control my tears.  Everything makes Sweetassgal cry.  From an even slightly sappy movie, to a card from my kids, even the sight of something ethereally beautiful…like a woman in her wedding dress turns me into a blubbering baby.  This past weekend I had the honor and privilege of seeing two of my favorite people tie the knot.  It was a beautiful ceremony at a winery and upon very first sight of the stunning bride I immediately puddled up.  Every emotion I have comes right out of my eyelids and runs straight down my face!
As a result of this I have two options…either heavy waterproof mascara which always irritates my eyes once the waterworks come or go makeupless on my lower lashes and hope for the best on my top lashes.  I have, of course, perfected the act of rolling my eyes and look up to the sky and hope my tears roll down my cheeks ala Demi Moore’s perfect tears in Ghost.  Seriously people…how the HELL does she cry so beautifully!  One hint of tears and my nose goes all red, snot turns on like Niagra falls and my eyes puff up ten times their normal size.  SO not pretty.  Demi would be so disappointed in me.
I have previously reviewed many products by Gabriel’s Cosmetics.  To this day I still maintain their pressed powder is the best natural powder I’ve ever tried, their eyeliner and lip liners are strongly respectable and their mascara was one of the way better natural one’s I’ve tried though not quite up there with their chemical laden counterparts just yet.  In researching Gabriel’s I learned they have a luxury line called Zuzu Luxe.  It immediately made a mark on me as one of my favorite lines of all times comes from “It’s a Wonderful Life” when he screams “Zuzu’s petals…Zuzu’s petals!”.  I even named one of my foster kitties Zuzu.  So the name intrigued me and I was very happy to receive a tube of Zuzu Luxe Mascara in…drum roll…clear!  Perfect for those moments when I know I’m going to cry (insert ANY stupid little moment here) and I can supplement my weenie lower lashes with a little gloss of shine without adding the traditional black goo that will end up running into my socks.  This is genius!  I’m even thinking of how this will help keep my raccoon eyes at bay when I’m at the gym.  Not that I care about being all dolled up for water aerobics but I don’t bother to completely take off all my makeup and by the end of a class I oddly resemble Steve Buschemi in just about any of his tired and twitchy rolls.
Thinking further I’m really interested in seeing how a clear mascara can help accent false lashes.  I went through an allergy period with my eyes where I couldn’t wear mascara because it was just too painful so I experimented with individual false eyelashes.  All that ended up happening was the eventual loss of my real lashes as the false one’s got irritating and I pretty much ripped them suckers out!  But I’m finding more and more interesting products in the falsies eyelash department.  Or as I prefer to call them “eye follicle enhancers”…falsies reminds me of the girl who stuffs her bikini, jumps from the high dive and ended up with her fake boobies bobbing around in front of the cutest boy in school!  In fact I see a few reviews coming our way as I forge further into the mysterious but oh so sexy world of OHH LA LA lashes.  I could very easily see how this clear mascara would help brush and work your lashes into the form of the fake lash curl without adding black mascara gunk.  Or are you supposed to add makeup to false lashes?  I’m not sure and I guess any advice from Megheads in this arena will help me out.  Still, if I were going to apply anything I think I would try this Zuzu Luxe.  For me it looks like a great polished addition to enhanced peepers.
Zuxu Luxe is the kind of line I like to refer to as “clean”.  You know those gorgeous women who live in all cream colored apartments, look incredible in just a white cotton tee and crisp khaki’s and only have three vital cosmetics on their vanity?  Yeah…hate those bitches!  Just kidding…they’re gorgeous.  Well, this is the kind of line they would love.  Just the basics done well.  No clutter, no confusion.  Just sleek and sophisticated choices with a conscience.  Just like its partner company, Zuzu Luxe is made from vegan ingredients, they are cruelty free, hypo allergenic, fragrance free and water resistant (not waterproof…but resistant).  For those with really sensitive eyes you should know that they are also Ophthalmologist tested so the key natural ingredients won’t burn or irritate your eyes.  I’m wearing it as I type with my fan blowing right in my face and I don’t have that constant urge to rub the corners of my eyes.
One thing I should note.  Obviously, clear mascara isn’t an answer for those with really light, fine lashes unless all you want is a little accent layer.  A very natural but slightly enhanced look.  However, I must say for those of my girlfriends who are eyelash blessed…I would DEFINITELY recommend this formula and the clear color.  It’s just the kind of slick accent to make your lashes look polished and shapely without adding unnecessary weight or clumpy thickness.  I envy these women and appreciate the simplicity of their beauty.  It’s the Grace Kelly I wish I could be instead of the Grace Slick I tend to favor.

So ladies…any ideas how to get the most out of a clear mascara?  I’d love to hear it and your advice on getting the best out of “eye follicle enhancers”.  Let me know so I can better learn to GLAM ON!!! ANYONE USE CLEAR OR A COLOR BESIDES BLACK?

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