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You know when you have such a perfect day you feel like you need to be pinched because you can’t believe this is really happening? That was my day with all the girls at South Coast Plaza. That day goes down in the top 5 of amazing. I will be 80 years old and bragging about it to my friends at Shady Pines Nursing Home. I can’t thank everyone enough, especially Pamelairene!

Walking into the Fresh store was like walking on a cloud. No, better. Yes, it was better then walking on a cloud. Cloud’s generally don’t have the most gorgeous products and serve you decadent flutes of champagne upon your arrival. They say St. Peter holds the key to the gates of Heaven. In this case I found the key to be unlocked by Gena and Charlie at Fresh.

Gena is so gorgeous, she told us her age (sorry Gena-but it is newsworthy) and we gasped in disbelief. What? I accused Gena of being a vampire, she laughed and said she just uses her Fresh products. Gena is so smoking hot I refused to stand next to her in a picture. Charlie was a fitting frame for Gena’s picture. They could have both won Prom King and Queen. They were both so knowledgable and charming and fun that we stayed so long to learn from them we were late for our next appointment. Did I mention they also gave us Champagne? Class acts all around!

Lev Glazman and Alina Roytberg, husband and wife co-founders of Fresh, believe that every product must be as enjoyable as it is effective. Sophisticated delivery systems and innovative formulas advance the performance of ingredients both familiar and exotic.

Years ago I was watching Oprah and her absolutely fanatical review of the Fresh products drove me to first purchase their Brown Sugar polish. If it was good enough for the divine Miss O then certainly I had to have it. It was a splurge, but one I loved. That year I bought 3 more for Christmas gifts and got hearty “thank-you’s”!

After learning and laughing and just loving life at the Fresh store it was time to go. Before we left, dynamic duo-Gena and Charlie, handed each of us gift bags with Fresh products in them to try out and review. Here’s what I tried…

Victoire Face Palette 2 face powders and 6 eyeshadows in a sturdy palette (with a huge mirror and brush!) All of the colors were universally flattering but not boring. It wasn’t brown, light brown and gray. The colors ranged from a “Midnight Duel” blue (which I thought would not work on brown eyes until I tried it) and mauves, greens and plums. The staying power, blendable consistencey and slight shimmer are gorgeous. The pink blush powder and shimmer powder work together like a dream and you know you’re dealing with a very high quality product. I also want to give props to the massive mirror inside!

Sugar Lipgloss in ShagThis gloss has moved to the purse cosmetic bag. The color is a subtle, easy to wear cherry gloss. It’s not sticky, lasts a long time and is a big tube. I think everyone would love great in this freshly bit-my-lip natural color. Anyone thats afraid of RED but wants a healthy, romantic look should give this a shot!

Fresh Soy Face Cleanser Not only did this take off my makeup but it cleansed my face and they’re right! Absolutely no need for toner after you use it. It’s a powerful 2-in-one that also refreshes your eyes.

Rose Face Mask I love a rejuvinating mask! With my healthy lifestyle (HA!) I love to soothe and hydrate my tired skin. This was probably my favorite item. I felt like I was at a very lush spa with the cooling cucumbers, roses and aloe working into my face. It felt great was so relaxing and it left me with a great glow!

I would consider Fresh a very high-end, luxury line. I can’t give anything I tried a so/so review. It all was such a wonderful experience. If you want to really treat someone I would say look no further then this gem of a line. If the Fresh staff was represented by Gena and Charlie then you’re in for a great time. They know so much and can tell you every detail on what makes Fresh stand apart! The picture to the left is all of us enjoying our very Fresh experience!

Ladies, tell us what Fresh item can you not live without!


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