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ferroForgive me for a moment, wonderful people of Megs, but Sweetassgal has to ponder a few odd thoughts to get to the point of this review.  Today I’m thinking about dirt and being dirty.  Much like Batman’s nemesis Two Face, I have two very conflicting minds about the subject.  On one hand there is the very prim and proper little girl who loved to get dressed up in her party dress…and the other side of her who thought it would be a good idea to rub dirt on her legs before the party to make it look like I had a tan.  Got my butt beat for that one!  As a mom who fights the battle of the forever dusty house no matter how much I Swiffer…and then the gardener who loves to get my hands deep down and dirty in the earth even if it is evidenced by brown crescent fingernails for days following.  Finally as a woman, there is the side of me who loves lady like things like fresh crisp lace linens and fine china…and the other side of me who wants to throw on my trampiest outfit and go dance my dirty-ass socks off with my husband all night long!  What side of this hot button issue do I fall?  Who knows?  I’m half Christina Aguilera with her cotton candy hair and Old Hollywood glam and the other half Miss X-Tina romping around in leather butt chaps minus the booty poppin’.  This Miss Thing doesn’t booty pop unless I want to start a tidal wave across the ocean in Indonesia!
So as you can see, conflicted as I may be on the subject of dirt and just plain ole’ getttin’ down and dirty…I was even more torn when I found a little sample pot of Ferro Cosmetics Eye Candy Mineral Eye Shadow in…you guessed it…DIRT!  Was this going to bring out the earth loving garden goddess in me or turn me into a smokey eyed vamping temptress?  Hum. Who do I want to be today?
The first day I tried this out just the plain old “business professional” side of me won.  I often do my eye shadow in the car (never while actually driving just so you know) as I like this light best and that way I can sleep 10 more minutes every morning!  The beauty of this application is that I really get a full spectrum of the color and intensity of a shadow.  Upon first view you could easily dismiss this as just another run-of-the-mill brown, but you’d be wrong.  I dabbed my softest and thickest headed brush into the granules and began to dab, dab, dab across my eyelid.  Right away I saw it was a gorgeously muted brown that complimented easily, but I was also delighted to notice there were itty bitty, teeny tiny little reflections of green speckled light prisms in it.  Not chunks of glitter that would fall down on your cheek leaving you focusing cross eyed all day on that little fleck that you just can’t seem to get off.  No, just a deeply infused bouncing of light that draws emphasis to the eye without changing the matte look of the brown at all.  Quite the conundrum if you ask me!  
My second shot was for the bridal shower of a very gorgeous friend of mine.  I had a new sparkly hot pink top, bejeweled wedges and a sassy silk flower for my hair so I really felt like doing up the eye makeup.  And I did!  I did a full smokey lid and lash crease and just went with it to the shower like that’s how I do it every day.  Now keep in mind that most of the girls there only see me at pool parties and BBQ’s so I’m always in a swimsuit cover up, no makeup and wearing sunglasses.  I swear they almost didn’t recognize me for a second!  I soaked up a few nice compliments and personally thanked my muted Ferro Dirt for highlighting a nice smokey and light reflecting eye without adding to the already gaudy glitter that were my blouse and shoes!
How does Krissy Ferro do it?  How does she create a perfectly complimentary matte brown while still providing non-sparkly illumination?  Looking online I see that this is a part of a trio collection called “Earthy”.  Great…here I am right back in my identity struggle.  The three color combination of the Dirt, soft and pale pink Come Hither and pearly Sage have me screaming Earth Mother be I!  It’s a gorgeous set and it wouldn’t surprise me if this was one of her most popular combos.  From the fairest of fair to the deepest of deep…this is a universally flattering color set and I think should be a standard fall staple for anyone who likes mineral eye makeup.  According to the website these “are formulated with only pure minerals. NO irritants, NO chemicals, just super-stay-all-day wear, with ZERO creasing and ZERO irritation.”  It works, I love it and I’ve been wearing it every day depending on the varieties of mood that strike me!
I guess deep down were all a little sweet and spice mixed with some naughty and not so nice!  The proverbial Yin and Yang if you will.  I need my squeaky clean side to keep my slightly dirty girl in check and out of jail (a place where butt chaps would only get me into further trouble!) and I need to keep my closet bad girl around so I can whip her out (and anything else that may need whipping…just kidding!) from time to time and remind myself we ALL like to get a little dirty sometimes!  DON’T CHA!  
GLAM ON! Are you ever torn between sex kitten and girl next door?

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