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femme mascara

PLEASE tell me this has happened to you too? Goddess Granny is on the go these days and in an effort to get out the door on time and it isn’t always easy or pretty! Have you ever pulled yourself together and put on your makeup,done your hair,threw on clothes and accessories and then after tossing your purse and phone into the car got half way down the road and glanced in the rear-view ONLY to notice you look dead? Not a foundation faux-pas although that can happen and i’m often guilty of not applying enough blush but no…you have literally forgotten your mascara,the single beauty- item that promises to pop open your eyes even if you haven’t yet gulped down your morning beverage of choice?


This has happened to me twice lately, a sure sign I need to slow it down? Sometimes I do have a sample sized mascara in my bag if TSA hasn’t made me toss it but last week I was doomed as I even forgot my favorite little “Hello Kitty” purse cosmetic bag altogether! No gloss, no liner, and certainly no mascara! This was NOT going to be a good day and it was early in the am so I immediately started thinking of “what might be open” on the 50 mile drive from my ranch into civilization…not much,I was probably going to have to stumble through Walmart in my 5″ heels and LBD looking all the world like I was doing “the walk of shame” and trust me, you do NOT want heads turning in the Walmart closest to the direction I live in unless you want to be followed to your vehicle and propositioned! Doomed I tell you…


I pulled into Starbucks thinking at least a latte might improve my mood and saw a sweet girl balancing her beverage as she unlocked the door to the “Sally Beauty” next door: was I in luck? Were the makeup goddesses hearing my silent pleas for help? YES!!! I explained to her quickly that I was in dire need of “something to swipe on my lashes” as I was en route to a meeting that mattered and she truly came through for me and handed me a bright red tube, decorated and flashy in a cool box and said,“You’re going to LOVE this!!!” I liked the packaging and handed her a $10.00 bill to pay for the product and another $5.00 for a “refill on her coffee and thanks for helping me out pre-store hours” and off I ran! 


This was a day to remember: the  product my makeup-angel handed me was “Femme Couture XXL Mascara” and let me tell you,product-snob that I can be sometimes,this is a WOW of a mascara! We all know “Sally Beauty” since 1964 as the “largest retailer of beauty supplies in the world!” and if you don’t,you’re missing out! You can find amazing products for every part of you from head to toe including “that” organic “Olive Oil Spray” for ethnic-hair that smells amazing and that SO many stylists use to make their client’s legs GLOW in photos! (Organics Africa’s Best Olive Oil Shine) as well as every shade of nail and hair color and just some of the best brands for “do it yourself spa” pampering ever! I go in there with my “Rewards Card” and come out with a huge bag of fun for $25.00 when I feel the need to splurge on the cheap! 


Back to my life-saver mascara: the first thing you notice about this product (besides the very flashy tube which I love!) is the brush: it’s like NO other I’ve seen, sort of like a “smooched mascara wand”, sort of flat in the middle but with substantial bristles and size: when you apply the mascara,you quickly discover that the genius is in the “flattened part” as it REALLY lets you get that  mascara on FAST and evenly! Then you just swipe the brush though and are amazed at the VOLUME and DEPTH of your lashes! Seriously this mascara rivals my much-loved HG “Diorshow” mascara at a substantially lower price! It doesn’t flake or smear and comes off easily when you’re ready to remove (I use Cetaphil) and I cannot rave enough about how GREAT this “Femme Couture XXL Monster Lash” really is,you get BIG lashes fast and it’s “application in the rear-view” approved by me (don’t’ do this if you can help it, LOL!) 


Buy it here, Sally’s always has great discounts,free shipping,and SO much to offer or pop into your local branch and see if they have it in stock,”Midnight Black” is actually the darkest shade and it’s SOOT BLACK” and FABULOUS! 


So yet another beauty disaster averted and I now have THE best mascara I’ve used in a long time to share with y’all! I just love it when a potentially bad-day turns great and love it even more when a product exceeds any/all expectations! Do you have any favorite products to share that you never expected would be so great?Do NOT pass up this mascara by “Femme Couture” because I think you’ll also be dazed and amazed by the results and quality too! 

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