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Sephora Saturdays – Fall Sneak Peak Part II

I have no memory so bittersweet as going school supply shopping. To me, that’s what always told me that summer was over and I really did have to go back to school. I love notebook paper, and pens, and binders and printing the divider labels out on Avery wizard. (I’m a really cool nerd.) My dad’s the same way – he gets mad if you put the stapler in the drawer the wrong way. So naturally, he always took us school shopping. When I started at the prep school that I later graduated from, I was in the 5th grade. Besides school uniforms, which were new, having a single-spaced supply list that was a page and a half long was a little bit new to me too. I am not kidding. It was on pink paper. I can almost still read what was on it: French class had to have pink, white and blue index cards. We had to have a green binder for English class. We had to have erasable pens. Naturally, as I got older, they stopped giving us uber-specific lists and I streamlined the supply-getting process: pack of pens, notebook for each subject, and a binder to keep graded assignments in. And highlighters.

What never changed throughout all those years was the fact that my dad and I would get in a screaming brawl in the middle of Office Depot. I mean, the man can be so freakin’ cheap! To this day, I still don’t think he can understand why an 11 year old girl would much rather have you know the pack of six pencils encrusted in glitter for 2.49 then the back of 48 ugly yellow ones that costs $3.00. Yeah, I get that its a better deal but come on! One year, I think it was about in seventh grade he actually LEFT me (in tears–me, not him) at the store. He walked out, got in the car, and actually drove off. I was just crying. He must have called my mom or something cause he came back a few minutes later and I think I won the argument and got the more expensive spiral notebooks so that the covers wouldn’t fall off the second week of school. (I couldn’t resist this story – Im a little sad, I shopped for school supplies for the last time last week with my dad. And no fight!)

I also couldn’t resist adding this second part to the fall sneak peak because after I wrote it I found out about some more crazy great stuff!!!!

Stila fans unite: Every fall, Stila puts out fall palettes that usually have 3 shadows and a blush. And for the last 3 years or so, I think they’ve been pretty much the same. A green one, a gold one, a brown one. Just…the same. Oh no, this year they are AWESOME! They come with 3 shadows and a blush as usual and an agate necklace which is sort of school in an unconventional way and did I mention? The colors are GORGEOUS!!!!! My favorite is the Laguna agate which is in the purple box but the shadows are a charcoal gray, a subtle silver, and this HOTT peacock blue. It’s tuh die for.

I don’t like stains. I have this orange juice stain on this white linen skirt of mine. Luckily same said skirt has orange beading on it and it blends into the beading. But I know its there. Laura Mercier has these new potted lip stains in some really awesome colors. You just dab them on with a finger – add more for an more intense color and just glow, girl. I got the Sugar Violet which is a crimson with purple irridescence which I’ll wear sheer while its still warm but darken up when cooler temperature comes around. The Scarlet (bright cherry) is really pretty too – goes on really sheer but will really brighten up a face!

I’m sure all of you Sep-whore-a’s (thanks toomuchgloss…I thought that was TOO funny) already stocked up on all the black brush lines since they were 30-60% for most of the summer. But I have to say, the new one’s rock. They’re made in the same factory as the M.A.C. brushes. But I have to tell you sisters in beauty, I’ve felt the M.A.C. brushes and you might as well put your makeup on with steel wool. The hairs on the new & improved are silky and fine – to give a great finish. The hairs are braided into the ferule and then tied – so you won’t be getting “fallout” on your shirt after use! Check out the re-vamped foundation brush, the complexion brush #53 and the #14 Smudge brush for great smoky liner!

I hate to steal the hair thunder away from Krista but I have to let y’all know about my upcoming experiment so you can join in the research. Fekkai came out with a new styling line called Coiff Magnifique (Which means Fab hair-do in French, FYI). They’re a heat protection spray, a volumizer, a wave spray, a texturing paste, and a light-as-air finishing cream. I just got the heat protection spray and next time I flat-iron I will be SURE to report back! Plus, the packaging is sleek and chic so there’s 10 bonus points right there.

Finally – I feel like I ignore Fragrances but I’m telling you all to go sniff Lulu Guinness’s Love Bird and tell me if you don’t LOVE it! And if you really don’t love it, buy it anyway and mail it to me!

Stay gorgeous!


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